6 Factors to Keep in Mind before Choosing a Badminton Racket

By: Srishty Sharon
Date: 13 Jun, 2018
Image Courtesy: Freepik

A racket is the major and the most significant requirement of a Badminton player. In the vocabulary of the badminton equipment’s, the racket has the primary importance. When it comes to choosing the racket, many players get confused over the selection of the best and the most suitable racket. A question that arise in their mind is how to select a good badminton racket. Everybody is different and so is their need and requirement. Along with this, the stamina, height, grip etc. everything matters, when a player wants to buy a Badminton racket. There are two ways which should be applied to choose a good badminton racket. The first task is the consideration for the racket according to the different weights, sizes and other features and the second is the consideration of the type of player. If a player is in the beginner’s stage or in the intermediate or advanced stages, they all have different requirements.

The type of the badminton rackets a player wants to choose is very important and it has a significant role. Players should always consider racket selection according to their capability. When it comes to select a suitable badminton racket, there are four major things you need to consider.


·      The weight of the badminton racket plays a crucial role in the whole game. Players should choose such rackets which they can tackle with easily. Players can choose either a lightweight racket or a heavy one.

·      The balance point of the racket you are choosing matters a lot. The heavy rackets have higher balance points. Such rackets help in making the strokes more powerful.

·      The string tension of a badminton racket is necessary to test. It can be done by pressing your palms against the strings of the badminton racket. It should be done to examine how deep the strings sunk. However, the depth of 1mm is ideal for players.

·      The size of the badminton rackets is also a major factor. These rackets are available in different sizes but most of them come in 4 sizes.

·      The grip of a racket is also very essential, and it affects a game, so much. The badminton grips are categorized by type and size. There are basically two types of badminton grips which are towel grips and synthetic grips.


1.     The Towel Grips: The towel grips are comparatively soft and have the tendency to absorb sweat. The towel grips are so much prone to the germs and bacteria existing in the hands and the atmosphere, due to their capacity of absorbing sweat. Due to this reason, the players who are using the badminton rackets with the towel grips, require replacing them frequently.


2.     The Synthetic Grips: The synthetic grips are slick and slim as compared to the towel grips. However, due to the extra slim design, the synthetic grips are comparatively less comfortable due to their inability to absorb sweat.



The second task is about how to select a badminton racket for beginners, for intermediate, for advanced level players? According to the weight, balance point, size etc, this can be identified.


1.     Beginners: If you are a beginner, you always choose rackets which are light weighted. Such rackets are very easy to handle and control. These rackets will help the beginners to deliver serves and strokes more quickly. Beginners can also use rackets which have a large surface area. The tension of the racket can be between 22-23 lbs.

2.     Intermediate: If you are at the intermediate stage, you can either stick with the light weighted rackets or switch to the heavy ones, in order to practice. You will also need to have such rackets which have good balance point.

3.     Advanced: If you are a player who has reached the advanced level of badminton then you can use a racket which is heavy at the head. Along with this, the balance point of the racket should be very good. It is totally up to you that what size and how much weight of a racket are suitable for you. But you can easily use a heavy racket with the depth of string tension as far as 1 mm. All these features in a racket will help you to control its flow.


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