Fascinating Facts about Badminton History that will blow your Mind

By: Srishty Sharon
Date: 26 Jun, 2018
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Badminton is an interesting game, which has fun, suspense and everything a which can seize the focus of viewers. There are a lot of people who absolutely love playing badminton but how many of them know about the badminton history? People usually do not care about the origin of a sport or how does it get its name? A great game has a great and amusing history. Clear the decks to revive your knowledge on some fascinating facts about the history of badminton.

Modern Sport, Ancient Origin

Badminton history is not that old, which makes the sport pretty modern. It has the relics of the ancient Eurasian culture, in its origin. Nearly 2000 years ago, badminton was played using Battledores-small racquets. The rows were made up of plastics and nylons, elongated over a wooden design. A light-weighted material was used for the creation of shuttlecock. The game was played between two players, although the net was missing.

The Mystery of Name!

The badminton history is partial without knowing how it is named? Badminton- how does this name come into existence? Don’t scratch your head! The answer is here. In the England County of the Gloucestershire, the home of Duke of Beaufort, known as the Badminton House. So how did this happen? In 1873, during a party, Duke introduced this game to his guests, after he saw the British Army, playing the same game in Pune, India. The Indian Version of the sport was known as Poona, named after aforetime name of Pune city.

The First Time

The badminton became so popular in England and the in the year 1877, the first set of protocols for the game was bestowed by Bath Badminton Club. The England Badminton Federation was formed after sixteen years and the first-ever All England Championships was organized in 1899. Later in 1934, the Badminton World Federation was formed, which was formerly known as the International Badminton Federation. Initially, the companies involved in the game were England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Holland, Canada, Denmark, France and New Zealand. In 1936, India joined the federation.

Asian Supremacy over the Game

After long thirty years, badminton made its debut in the Commonwealth Games in Kingston, Jamaica. Later in 1972, badminton got its chance at the Olympic Games in Munich. But officially, it has appeared in the Olympics in 1992 Games in Barcelona. It was the first time when both men’s and women’s doubles and singles took place and players from several countries got chance to showcase their talent. The game of Asian countries was astounding from the beginning and 15 out of 16 medals went to the account of Asian countries. Ever since, it was started in 1948, Malaysia, China and Indonesia won the Thomas Cup, the men’s world team championships. The women’s world team championships, the Uber Cup was won by only 5 nations out of many, where 4 are won by Asian countries. 

Speed in Badminton?

It is mostly acknowledged in sports like football or cricket, where the speed of the bowling or a hit is measured. In badminton, once, Malaysian shuttler, Tan Boon Heong pushing the shuttlecock at the speed of 493 km/h and broke all the records of sports including tennis, ice hockey and football. In 2017, at the Premier Badminton League, Mads Pieler Kolding of Denmark made the record of the fastest smash at 426 km/h. However, India was never behind when it comes to the speed and Indian shuttler Parupalli Kashyap created history with the speed of 401 km/h.

The Long and Short

A match played between Peter Rasmussen of Denmark and Sun Jun from China and it lasted for 124 minutes. While the shortest duration in Badminton was played in 1996 Uber cup, in Hongkong, between England’s Julia Mann and South Korea’s Ra Kyung-min. The game lasted for just 6 minutes. Yes! Just 6 minutes. Now, would you stay for 2-hour long game?

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