How to Improve the Footwork to Back of the Court?

By: Srishty Sharon
Date: 30 Jun, 2018
Image Courtesy: Playo

Badminton is a game of speed and focus. Both hands and legs should work in a rhythm to play the game successfully. Since it is fast, there is a need for giving a response at the right time. One shot after another, you must fight back. One of the most important aspects of badminton is the Footwork used in the game. 

The game played by professionals seems to be very effortless and elegant. But they must reach the shuttle and give a lightning-fast response, in a very less time, to win the match. Footwork has a significant importance in the game of badminton. And good footwork for the backcourt is equally essential. Now, one question which players often ask is how to improve the speed of moving towards backcourt? It is necessary for a shuttler to know and understand this technique. The benefits of making a good use of footwork are:

  • It does not demand any excessive or unnecessary footwork, which saves the energy and strength of players.
  • It provides sufficient time so that the player can think about their next shot.
  • It increases the pace of a player.

A proper footwork is very essential and if you master in the footwork, your smashing skills will be boosted, and you will be more powerful to the opponent. So how to improve the footwork in the badminton game? Here are some tips you should follow.

  • The base position is very necessary for a badminton player. The base position is basically the centre area of the court, which a player is covering. The centre position helps a player to hit any shot by taking minimum footsteps. Most of the shuttlers commit the same mistake of staying at the same place where they hit their last shot. In fact, a player should always return to the base position, at the court. The base position of a singles game is different from the base position of a doubles game. So, a player should always stick to their base position. This will help them to play an unexpected shot.

  • Badminton is all about speed and focus. There can be some situations where a player must put much pressure and strength to maintain a posture or balance. This involves stretching of legs and arms in forwarding and backward directions to reach the shuttlecock. Sometimes these movements are very quick, and they affect the posture and balance of a player. If the legs or body of a player is leaned, the player will require a moment to maintain that specific posture. But how? As a player, you should focus on the stronger leg and put your body weight on it. The other leg will have to be swift and agile. You should use the other leg for stretching and to reach out the shuttle. Once you hit the shot, you can always go back to the base position by moving the other leg. And the stronger leg will maintain the balance and posture of your body.

  • A player should stay light during the game, it helps to gain good speed. At the same time, a player should know how to bounce and jump when required. Now, why the jumping and bouncing is required? You must have seen players covering the back of the court. They do not run behind the shuttle every time, instead; they use footwork for jumping and bouncing to cover the back of the court. You do not have to jump using the legs. It is all about your foot. Also, the bouncing and jumping movement can be achieved by using calf muscle. You can jump one to two feet’s and smash the shuttle. Jumping not only saves you point, but it is also used for attacking the opponent. Instead of moving backward and forward, use footwork for jumping and bouncing to hit the shuttle and cover the back of the court. This will help, you to respond faster and your opponent will get very less time for recovery and shot.

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