What is the Ideal Diet of Indian Badminton Players?

By: Srishty Sharon
Date: 02 Jul, 2018
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A badminton player requires to do a lot of hard work to stay fit and fine. Only then a player can tackle challenges and play with confidence. Staying fit means a player needs a proper diet plan. An Ideal diet plan will help players to maintain their weight and fitness.

Gopichand, the Chief National Indian Badminton coach and the person behind many World Champion Indian shuttlers believes in staying robust and fit. The former player is a fitness enthusiast and a responsible coach. In his Badminton Academy, Gopichand pushes his trainees to adopt fine fitness regime and a strict diet. A few tips on an ideal diet by the champion himself to stay hale and fit.

Badminton requires a lot of stamina and constant movement until the game ends. To boost your stamina, good protein supplements are very important. He advises players to eat meat, chicken or fish and has convinced many vegetarians to gobble non-veg food. According to the coach, red meat is an extremely good supplement of proteins and chicken has minerals, vitamins, iron and amino acids. These foods help in the balancing the level of nutrients and works amazingly for building strong muscles.

He does not allow the trainees to stuff their mouth with spicy foods like Biryanis and sweets such as Chocolates and Ice-creams. The intake of sweet foods slows down the recovery process and hence, should be avoided. He also restricts the players to eat junk food to about excessive carbs. The Champion has strictly prohibited smoking and alcohol as well as soft drinks.

Gopichand recommends player to follow three supplements. One for an instant high energy, second with the protein base and the third for recovery. Gopichand himself follows the Ketogenic diet which is very challenging to maintain. You should consume rich energy foods and protein foods such as milk, eggs, chicken, juices and vegetables in your diet chart.

The eating habits of a badminton player needs regular and progressive eating habits and a right blend of energy-based snacks. An ideal meal should incorporate carbs and proteins and minimum fat. Never be afraid to try different variety of foods as they provide many essential nutrients.

The maintenance of weight is essential. Players should intake low fat, high carb food to balance the ideal weight. Avoid empty calorie high sugar-based food. It will protect you to gain extra loads.

Always eat a few hours before a game. Eat a high-carb, a light meal. You can also drink high energy shakes. It is very important to stay hydrated during a match. The temperature of the venue can affect your body and in high temperature, sweating is very common. Drink enough fluids that are high in glucose. It is a time saving way to get high energy before a match. Playing badminton requires a lot of stamina and strength. Those who want to who play this sport should maintain their diet properly and routinely.

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