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How to Master the Perfect Badminton Racquet Grip?

By: Srishty Sharon
Date: 21 Jul, 2018
Image Courtesy: Badminton Planet

In badminton, everything has an equal importance, whether it is your moves, or smashes, or the type of racket you use. When it comes to the badminton racket, it is extremely necessary to have a good grip on it. Sometimes, not having a good and firm grip, leads to badminton rackets get out of hand.

The most proper and appropriate way to handle and hold a badminton racket is the way a person handshake. The same grip should be used for the badminton. Any surface of a racket which is wider, the thumb should be pressed against it and with the rest of the fingers and hand, a racket should be held as if you are shaking someone’s hand.

Now at the same time, it is also very necessary to keep your wrist comfortable, so that it can be moved flexibly in any direction you want. The movement and flexibility of the wrist comes handy for the hitting shuttlecock in the desired direction, and it is also best for some of the greatest smashes.

To master the technique, it is extremely important that.

• The grip on the badminton racket should not be too tight. Some people tend to hold the racket very tightly. This is not only the wrong way to hold it, but it can also occur pain in the wrist. If you are holding your racket very tightly, the wrist will lose its flexibility and it will be hard for you to rotate your hand and even a flick would be troublesome.

• The next important thing to master the technique of gripping badminton racket is to use the only thumb, middle finger and index finger for controlling the racket. The rest of the two fingers should be in a comfortable position and do not carry much pressure. This will maintain a secure grip on the badminton racket so that the balancing of the racket’s weight can be managed properly. If the sharing of the weight of the racket is not balanced, it will create muscle problems to the wrist.

There are two major types of Grips, which are very useful.

Forehand Grip: In this grip, you are not necessarily required to put much pressure of the thumb on the wider surface of the badminton racket. The main or the ultimate control should be done by the index finger, which should be used for the movement of the racket.

Backhand Grip: This grip is effective, and it can be achieved through the push of your thumb on the racket. It is necessary to use your thumb for strokes and smashes. The index finger has a resting positing in this grip, and the thumb has the full responsibility, for your shots.

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