What is the Best Age to start Playing Badminton?

By: Srishty Sharon
Date: 20 Aug, 2018
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Badminton is one amazing sport and people enjoy playing and watching it. It is a brilliant game which does not have age bars. From a small kid to an aged adult, everyone can play it, that’s the beauty of this sport. However, when it comes to establishing a career in badminton, there are some age boundaries that should be followed. There are many parents who are badminton fans and want their kids to establish their career in the field of badminton. Many kids and teenagers also crave to become successful in this sport. Apart from every other thing, there are doubts in the mind of many people about the badminton age rule. What is the perfect age to learn badminton?


Badminton is a sport that can be played at different levels and people of all ages can play it according to the level. Since every level of badminton has some physical needs, therefore as the level goes higher, the age matters.


Singles and Doubles at the International Level

The International level of any sport is the toughest and it cannot be played easily on relying upon the training of a few months. To establish oneself in an international career, the start should be very early, the earlier, the better. It requires commitment towards the sport and other things are secondary.


Before a kid reaches 8, the game should be played for fun, without focusing on the improvisation. Children at such an adolescent age cannot understand the skills that well.


A kid should start getting coaching and training for badminton at the age of 7 or 8. The Olympic queen of India, PV Sindhu, started playing badminton at the age of 8. She is one of the greatest examples of success. Usually, at the international level, the players are selected at a very adolescent age. Even the players of 12 years old are selected by the Badminton Association of the country, after which they have to go through arduous training under strict routine. This helps them to stay fit and healthy. Their skills and tact for the better understanding of the game are also improved.


At 17 years, a player has a high potential to become finest world-class shuttler. The sport of badminton demands a lot of energy and hard work, and the fitness level should be extremely well. Usually, many players retire around the age of 30, as they are unable to match the fitness level of the other young shuttlers. There are some exceptions such as Lee Chong Wei, who is 35-years-old and still performing brilliantly and still playing for gold.


There are many badminton aficionados and aspirants who want to become doubles shuttler to hustle at a higher level of tournaments and championships. They also require to start at the minimum age of 10. The doubles shuttler can play even if they reach 35.



Badminton is so far the best way to stay fit and had a number of fitness benefits. A person who wants to play badminton for better fitness, to socialise and for entertainment, then there are no badminton age rules. Many adults at clubs can be seen playing badminton.

Also, many aged and senior citizens can be seen playing badminton at the age of 50-60 years old.

Unless and until a person wants to become a world-class shuttler, there is  no defined age limit or fitness level; as a result, anyone can play badminton at any age.

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