What is the Role and Responsibilities of a Referee in Badminton?

By: Srishty Sharon
Date: 06 Sep, 2018
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Every sport is bound with some protocols that have to be followed by every sportsperson and the official staff. In badminton, there are numerous rules for playing a game and taking effective decisions. Every player along with the officials are required to stick with the rules. One such official is the Referee in badminton. Do you know the duties of a referee in a badminton game? Any clue about the duties of umpires in badminton? Well, we are here to clear your doubts.


The most senior officials in the sport of badminton are the Referees. A badminton referee has the overall authority over the competitions, tournaments or formals event along with the international competitions. This authority and responsibility to a referee are bestowed by the Badminton World Federation. There are certain laws which give us the complete authority of the competitions to a referee. A badminton referee is the final arbitrator and in-charge of the on-court and the off-court matters.


The job of a referee is full of responsibility and so he has a team that can help him out. The officials in the team are known as the assistant referees.


Functions of a referee in Badminton


    A referee is liable for many things. He has to ensure that the players should receive proper facilities during the tournaments


    To ensure the practice sessions and schedules of the players. Also, he has to look after the playing conditions of the players


     A referee has to make sure about the equipment are up to the standard of the BWF. Along with this, he also has to ensure that everyone should follow the health and safety rules as well as other laws of the sport


    Responsible to produce a proper schedule for matches. The order of play is also decided by a referee


        He can make amendments to the schedules and the draw


     He also liaison with the umpires and other officials about the matches and tournaments


        A referee also coordinates with the badminton coaches and teams


        Generating a complete tournament report is their liability

The referees can hardly be seen on the courts until there is a crucial situation. If there is any circumstance, which is important, then the umpires inform the referees about it. Sometimes, referees are also bound to take the responsibilities of umpires.


Skill is the Answer

Every job has some responsibility and for that, a skill set is required, which helps people to work rigorously. There are certain key skills that a referee should have.

         A vast knowledge of the protocols and laws of badminton


         A referee should be extremely good at decision-making


   He is required to interact and coordinate with the coaches, players, teams along with the tournament and badminton officials


    He should ensure that the matches and tournaments are being played and conducted fair and square


 Wait! Referees are not Umpires?


This is one of the most common perceptions in peoples mind, that the referees and umpires have the same job to do. But in badminton, their job is not the same. The umpires have an authority over a specific badminton match. He is in the charge of the court as well as the surroundings.


Responsibilities of an Umpire

      The main job of an umpire is to make service calls such as faults or lets


      He has to closely examine the match and have to point out the service faults by the players


  He keeps the match score of each player and has to make an announcement after every single point, gained by a player


    If any misconduct is acknowledged then an umpire has to report the referee about it. So, an umpire also acts under the authority of the referee


    Unlike referee, an umpire should be physically present at the match, from the starting time till the end, until the players do not leave the court. This means they have the whole responsibility for the match



So, whether it is the referee or umpire, everyone has a contributing role with lots of responsibilities as the badminton officials. They work hard to make the arrangements for the matches and tournaments and ensure the safety and other facilities of the players.

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