Saina Nehwal claims Bronze at London Olympics

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Date: 20 Feb, 2017
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Saina Nehwal had won Bronze at London Olympics in 2012 against Xin Wang, former 2nd seed from China, who withdrew from the match at the second game due to knee injury. Saina, 4th seed of then, didnt expect this type of win. But, personally by the way she fought in the first game, it can be said that she deserves Bronze. And not to forget, she is the second woman to have won the Olympic medal after Karanam Malleswari, Bronze medal winner in 2000.


After 2011 Malaysian Open Grand Prix Gold, where Wang has won the title against Saina, they both happened to encounter at London Olympics in 2012. In the first game, initial two rallies were very long. Saina took the first 3 points straight. This made audience to chant India.. India... Wang reciprocated to the score to be neck-and-neck till 6-6. Wang gave tough shots to Saina. She had to alter from forehand to backhand. Both the players were equally fighting. Wang made forehand big corner hits to win the points by 10-17. By 14-20 Saina moved her feet so quickly making Wang unexpected for her net shots.


Saina made wrong estimations of the opponents shots to be wide by allowing her to win the point. As Saina saved four game points by 18-20 with her aggressive smashes. Later, Wang faced on court injury that twisted her knee. Tournament doctor had arrived and helped her by wrapping scrap tape around her knee. Saina Nehwal kept in her mind that she shouldnt relieve as her opponent is injured and she could change her playing tactics. At this turn, game point was successful and the game was taken by Wang with 21-18.


In the second game Wang with positive signs from her previous game, she scorched the shots to win the first point. After the first shot, she landed on the ground with aggravated knee injury. She was suggested to withdrew the match by referee Torsten Berg. Saina stood in the background helping Wang and they both shook hands out of grant after the plunge situation. Eventually, an official announcement had made; Saina won London Olympic Bronze.


Sainas dream came true as she always wanted Indian flag to go up at the podium. Saina is the first ever Indian woman to have won Olympic medal in badminton. Though this is not how medal is to be won, her coach Gopichand told that Saina would have bagged the medal if Wang didnt withdraw the match either.


The euphoric win boosted her up, as this is the renowned moment in her badminton career. Currently, she has shifted her base to bangalore to be trained under coach Vimal Kumar at Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy.

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