BWF to get underway of new handbook by judicial experts from next year

By: Gobadminton desk
Date: 08 Aug, 2017
Image Courtesy: BWF

Badminton World Federation has entrenched an External Judicial Experts Group to monitor and hear all the doping and ethics related issues from June 1st this year.


However, after a review of judicial procedures, both doping and ethics-related cases will now be apprehended by external experts, though, External expertise has been used since 2009. Lawyers, Scientists, and medical practitioners, are the insiders of this body, who have been appointed by Council to ensure independent expertise across specific fields as well as geographical representation.

The confirmed members to date are Kevin Carpenter (Britain), Professor Toni Graff-Bauman (Germany), Sylvia Schenk (Germany), Dr. P. S. M. Chandran (India), Rune Bård Hansen (Norway) and Annabel Pennefather (Singapore).



Image: Rune Bård Hansen

Image: Judicial Experts (from left) Sylvia Schenk, Kevin Carpenter and Annabel Pennefather. 

The selection of individuals from the particular group to serve on either doping hearing panel or an ethics hearing panel as care arise will be selected by Rune Bard Hansen, BWF chairman, a judge of the Court of Appeals in Norway and a member of various BWF Doping Hearing Panels since 2010.


This key development is the result of amendments to the BWF Constitution approved by the membership in May and the revised Judicial Procedures which has come into effect from 1 June, 2017. This follows significant amendments to the BWF Code of Ethics and the related Codes of Conduct approved by Council at its meeting in Kuala Lumpur in March.


BWF president Poul-Erik Hoyer said, 

“The BWF has determined that, as an international federation, we should have the greatest possible independence in the judgment of cases relating to the integrity of our sport and the people running our sport, should a case need to be brought against any badminton-related personnel” 


“Previously, only our Doping Hearing Panel was made up of external expertise. We had an internal Disciplinary Committee which dealt with general disciplinary cases in badminton as well as ethics-related cases. Now, both doping and ethics related cases will be handled by panels formed from our newly-constituted External Judicial Experts Group.”


The position of Referral Officer has been created, whose role is to assess whether there are sufficient grounds to bring a case in either doping or ethics related cases, under its enhances regulations, by badminton’s world-governing organization. Various other rules and regulations of judicial matters have been strengthened to cover the fair play.


Image (From left): Dr. P. S. M. Chandran and Professor Toni Graff-Bauman

By 1 January 2018, the BWF will have a new electronic version of the BWF Handbook integrating all governance, ethics and judicial rules as well as the sport’s regulations.

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