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Tennis pros Venus Williams and Rafael Nadal bewildered by badminton

By: Swetha
Date: 06 Oct, 2017
Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia

Every player is the gem in their own sport and that just proved at The Lotte New York in New York City by Venus Williams and Rafael Nadal, who switched from tennis to badminton and found that their tennis skills doesn’t match badminton.


Being two of the best tennis players in the world, Williams and Nadal baffled with badminton rules and saw the rough start.


Dressed casually for the friendly match at the Palace Invitational, The Lotte New York in New York City prior to the US Open in August, dangled onto the ground after failing in returning the rallies.Yet, the crowd went hysteric and cheering.


As Williams structed with the targeted force, Nadal countered strategically. The lead changed hands several times until Nadal landed the decisive point.


“This is the best warm-up you can possibly do for the U.S. Open,” Williams explained. “Last year we played virtual tennis here, and I was able to hone my mental game. Today, with the badminton, it’s a little eccentric, but it’s going to make sure I improvise on the court.” 

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