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8 Interesting Facts About Badminton

By: Swetha Reddy
Date: 20 Mar, 2018
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Badminton is the racquet sport which builds the brawny personality, much like sport of tennis. Since quite a time now, it is widely been chosen by all the age groups. Be it either the recreational sport or a competition, it helps the participants to boost the physical and mental health.

Here are the top 8 health benefits:

1. Physical Fitness:

By playing badminton, 450 calories of fat is burnt per hour. This kind of cardiovascular workout can help to keep a player in a fit shape, especially if looking for a good alternative cross-training exercise.

2. Psychological Benefits:

The game builds physical culture demanding the qualities of stamina, fitness, and skill. Besides being brawny, it improves the brain functioning which is must for the players to know the deceiving skills. The mental agility besides physical swift to reach the shuttlecock, advances the thought process and instantly builds plan of action.

3. Builds Muscle Tone:

As the game involves a lot of stretching, it makes up for the toning the muscle over quads, glutes, calves, and hamstring; arms and back get the core workout as well. Be it a drop or a smash, mini-toning workout is for sure.

4. Enables Good Sleep:

As badminton promotes the physical fitness, it helps to subside the stress and anxiety, which eventually led to have good sleep.

5. Good for Overall Health:

As with all forms of physical exercise, badminton can reduce or eliminate your risk for many health problems, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. The main health benefit of badminton is the reduction of bad cholesterol and increase in good cholesterol with regular play.

6. Flexibility and Muscle Strength:

Muscle strength improves according to the movement you do, besides improving muscle strength and endurance. Additionally the extension of the body and elevation of the arm are great for flexibility too.  So, while many sports tighten muscles, badminton helps to lengthen them.

7. Weight Loss:

With proper diet, consuming good amount of nutrients and proteins, consistent weight loss can be achieved. It’s fat-burning and metabolism boosting qualities helps to reduce weight loss. If you make a habit of it then you can lose a bare minimum of 4 Kgs within a month.

8. Improves Your Metabolism Rate:  

Badminton helps in improving the cardio-pulmonary function which in layman terms means that it makes your body habitual of sweating naturally. The toxins leave the body through heavy sweating and make you feel light headed and burden free.

Let us know in the comment section if we are missing any health benefit.

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