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“I had earlier trained them in separate schedules. We do whatever suits the players best” - Gopichand

By: Ambika Asthana
Date: 05 Jun, 2018
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Ever since the team came back to Hyderabad after the Common Wealth Games 2018, where Saina Nehwal beat P V Sindhu to win a gold, the champions have been training at different venues.

As the saying goes, “there can’t be two swords in a sheath”. However, the reason stated by the national badminton coach seems to diffuse the rumors spreading around like fire. The badminton champions are focusing on their forthcoming tournaments and eyeing at the Olympic as well at the moment. Since PV Sindhu seems to have lost the charm recently due to her consecutive fall-outs, she is interested to train separately and get full attention of Gopichand.


When asked to comment on the issue, he stated that it was a decision taken by the coaching team. “In the interest of the players, our coaching team has taken this decision. "I had earlier trained them in separate schedules. We do whatever suits the players best,” he added.


As of now, for the new training schedule, Mr. Gopichand has to shuttle between the two academies. “I have no problem. Everything is going well and the players are also doing quite well,” Gopichand said.


Gopichand has two training centers both located only a half kilometer apart. The singles badminton players have been training at the new academy ever since it has started.

There has been news about how the rise of Sindhu led Saina to leave the academy and move to Vimal Kumar where she achieved World No.1. Saina returned to Gopichand only last year and both the girls practiced at the same place, post which Saina got her game up and even defeated Sindhu.


Now, P V Sindhu current world No.3 has moved back to the old training center, where she will miss sparring partners as all the other single players practice at the new academy.


However, her team doesn’t seem to have a problem with the new changes as her father, P V Ramana said that they are comfortable with the schedule and her practice is going well. They seem not to have a problem with schedules as he stated that Gopi is allocating a lot of time for Sindhu and what more can they ask for?


Wishing both the champions a ton of goodluck and warm wishes to secure golds in their upcoming tournaments and acknowledge Gopichand’s consistent hardwork. 

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