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Why is BWF Vice-President Gregory Verpoorten retiring from his position?

By: Swetha Reddy
Date: 20 Jun, 2018
Image Courtesy: Badminton Europe

President of Badminton Europe (BEC) Gregory Verpoorten ends his term in the committee in April 2019 and will not seek any re-elections and will not look for another term as Vice-President of Badminton World Federation (BWF), as quoted in Badminton Europe.


Since 2007, Gregory has been contributing to BEC Board of Directors and has been supreme of Badminton Europe as president since 2014, the term which ends in April 2019. Since 2009, he served as a Vice-President of BWF.


To spend the quality time with family and due to few professional commitments, Gregory is disinterested to seek re-elections. He said,

“There is great support of the Membership for the work done in Badminton Europe and BWF, so I have no doubt that the new leadership will get the support they need as well,” Gregory observed.


Gregory will continue as the President for Badminton Europe and BWF Vice-President for Europe until the next BEC Annual Delegates’ Meeting, which takes place in Kiev, Ukraine, on 27 April 2019.


“I am ready and available to support a smooth transition in every way I can,” he said.


Gregory was a key member for the proposed change of the new scoring system, which did not get most of the support at the recent BWF Annual General Meeting (AGM). Anyway, that’s not the reason for the decision.


“I understand that the need of the change in the scoring system is not now, but I strongly, still, stand for it as a leadership group for the better enhancement of the sport. This has nothing to do with my decision to retire.


Verpoorten explains, " If your daughter tells you there was no Father’s Day this year because daddy wasn’t home, you will likely understand what I feel is the right decision to make. My travel schedule for my day job is a heavy one and continuing to travel around the world for badminton next to that is just taking up too much of my life,"

Gregory conceited, “I have had a great time working in badminton and I will miss it. Badminton has given me so much, ever since I was a kid, not in the least great friendships which I am sure will last a lifetime. I will miss the team and the chance to make a difference for our sport, which I am convinced we did. Looking back at where badminton was in 2007-2009 versus where we brought it today, I am very proud of what we accomplished.”

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