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24-hour badminton marathon by Russian Cosmonaut!

By: Srishty Sharon
Date: 06 Jul, 2018
Image Courtesy: National Badminton Federation of Russia

The well-known Russian cosmonaut, Alexander Misurkin accomplished a badminton marathon at Orlovskaya region.


The sports marathon titled as ‘Earth Day of Space Badminton' held on the International Olympic day played from 6 AM to 6 PM by the cosmonaut with anyone who was eager to play with him. The entire event was organized under the patronage and sponsorship of the Badminton Europe Confederation (BEC), National Badminton Federation and the Badminton Federation of Orlovskaya region.

For about the span of 24 hours, the Russian spaceman played matches with 127 badminton aficionados. The marathon was not just crowded by the Orlovskaya citizens, but several other badminton fans, from all age groups, came from Bryansk, Kursk, Rostov-on-Don, Moscow, and India to partake in the marathon with Alexander Misurkin.


As the marathon concluded, Misurkin said that he was obliged to the earth team for the prudent and well-planned arrangements of the marathon. He was delighted to meet and play with the kids and other badminton enthusiasts, who reveal astounding talents. He hoped that this would help the sport to grow more. He was also grateful to the city regime, for its support.


He is also looking forward to the next badminton marathon and wished good luck to everyone until they meet again on court.


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