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Sindhu Scotches Rumours, Calls Out Those Spreading False News

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Date: 19 Oct, 2020
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PV Sindhu issued a stinging clarification and rebuttal to rumours of personal issues and rifts that lead to her departure to London, to work at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. She said that the report published in one of India’s leading newspaper’s attributing her London trip as unsanctioned by the family is completely false and bereft of even a grain of truth.

“Why will I have problems/issues with my parents who have sacrificed their lives for my sake. Mine is a very close knitted family and they will always support me. 

“I am in touch with my family members every day,” said Sindhu in a stinging rebuttal on her Instagram page. 

“In fact, I have come here with the consent of my parents and absolutely they were no family rifts in this regard,” she added.

The Olympic Silver Medallist also clarified that she has no concerns either with the training facilities or with any of the coaching staff, and people should refrain from spreading needless rumours.

She reserved to herself the right to take legal action against those spreading factually incorrect news about her and her family, should they continue to do the same in the future.

Sindhu is currently in London working with Rebecca Randell, a PhD scholar with sports nutrition, exercise metabolism, supplements, laboratory, and field testing as her areas of expertise. The World Champion is keen to make the best use of the time available between now and the start of the packed scheduled in 2021 to work on her recovery and nutrition.

However, certain media outlets carried news of rifts and person issues behind the trip, which created a bit of a furore online.
With Sindhu’s clarification, all rumours should take a breather and allow the champion to concentrate on her preparation for the Asian leg of the 2020 World Tour and then what could possibly be the most important season of her career with Olympics, World Championships, Uber Cup all packed into the same year.

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