Everyone has different style of play and badminton becoming tougher: Sindhu

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Date: 06 Sep, 2017
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It is not about dominance, it is about the style of play, said Sindhu on asking about losing gold at Total BWF World Championship 2017.


Sindhu lost to Nozomi Okuhara of Japan by 19-21, 22-20, 20-22 scoreline in 110-minute epic finals, settling with silver. The match was neck-to-neck till the tournament point. Both the players fought hard till the end. Women singles finals at World Championship 2017 created history by lengthy rallies.


73-shots rally won by Sindhu in the second game remained showstopper.


"I was just playing. She was equally tired. That 73-shot rally, I think it happened for the first time. It was a good match because, it was anybody's game," she said.


“I played my game and gave my best. Everyone has their own style of play. It is not that Chinese have a different style of play, although they played really well in the tournament but everyone has a different style of play,” said Sindhu.


“Fought hard but it was just not my day.”


“We have been practicing really hard. We don’t have much time between the tournaments. Before the World Championships, however, we had one and a half months. So in a way, it was nice that we got so much time to prepare.”


“Mentally and physically, it is tiring but at that time, we just think that we have to get that point. Even I was just thinking that we just need to play at the court. It was a good match.  From the first point, there were long rallies. It was not like I could have saved my energy. Every rally was equally tough,” she added.


On the fans cheering the players mid-rally, Sindhu said, “I never felt that fans cheering was disturbing. It felt good that there were so many fans to cheer me on. I was focused, so there is no question of disturbance.”


Three-time World Championship medalist said that badminton is becoming tougher at international level. She said, "It's not going to be easy any more. Because, if you see, women's singles, men's singles, doubles, whatever, nowadays, the rallies are too long. Nobody is getting an easy point anywhere. It is just that you have to fight for each point," added the 22-year-old badminton star.


She was upset as she lost the match, yet, from next day she felt normal she recalled. "It was a good match, overall. Okuhara also played well. At that time, after 20-all, it was anybody's game. I fought hard but it was not just my day.


"After the final match, I felt upset but I thought 'never mind'. I thought it is over now; from next day it was normal."


In 2013 and 2014 she won bronze at World Championship. This year she could change the color of the medal to silver and she is contented by the change. "Feeling very happy. It's one of the best tournaments after Rio (Olympics) and also World Championships is something different. Before it was bronze (medal), both the times, this time I changed the colour to silver. I am very happy about it," said Sindhu.


Sindhu said a final clash between her and Saina at the World Championship could be a possibility in future.


"At the World Championships, we expected (all-Indian final). But, it did not happen. But, definitely yes, it will be, someday," she said.

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