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Shining Stars of Mumbai CCI Badminton Championship: Kareena and Viplav

By: Srishty Sharon
Date: 20 Jun, 2018
Image Courtesy: Mumbai Live

Recently, CCI-Greater Mumbai District Badminton Championship 2018 took place. It was jointly arranged by the Greater Mumbai Badminton Association (GBMA) and the Cricket Club of India (CCI). It was very fascinating to see the two different sports associations organizing such tournaments. Kareena Madan, the second-seeded player was on a roll. In the finals of the women’s singles, tremendous performance was noticed in Kareena as she secluded the unseeded Samiaa and won the match by a huge difference of 21-15, 26-6, at Mumbai.


Talking about the men’s singles, it was surely a very thriving day for the Indian shuttler Viplav Kuvale, as he went back home with three titles in a row. With excellent skills and court coverage tricks, Viplav Kuvale managed to win the match by 21-14, 9-21, 21-18. The second-seed played dodged out the top seed Nigel D’Sa with his steadfast performance. He has undoubtedly, acquired a good score in the tough match.


The temperament and the determination of the Indian shuttler is praise-worthy. Viplav faced all the counter attacks by Nigel effortlessly and even unveiled the intentional drop shots and high serves from Nigel. The powerful defence showcased by the former in the first round cruised him into the victorious glory. However, in the second game, Viplav played it easy to Nigel and he won the second game.


The last game made the competition tougher and both the shuttlers were close to 15-all points. Again, the match took an interesting pace, when Nigel was ahead of Viplav at 17-15 and the odds seemed to be by his side. However, the turning point of the match was when Nigel managed to lose two shots thereby giving a golden chance to Viplav as he grabbed the opportunity by pulling the level down to 18-all. He exploited the benefit of this chance and won the match by acquiring three more points.


In the finals of the men’s mixed doubles, the unseeded pair of Angha Karandikar and Siddhesh Raut were whipped out by the partnership of the top-seeded Viplav Kuvale and Firoz Mulani. The match was extremely swinging and uncertain, however Viplav and Firoz won the game by a close difference of 21-19, 22-20. Likewise, Viplav not only won the men’s singles but also won the men’s doubles and mixed doubles, creating a hattrick of success.

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