Sai Uttejitha: A star in making

By: Ambika Asthana
Date: 23 Jun, 2018
Image Courtesy: PBL

The fierce, fearless and restless Sai Uttejitha, that’s what truly describes this young prowess who very recently won the All-India Senior Ranking Badminton Tournament in Bangalore. Beating against the odds, displaying angst for every drop, she wouldn’t defer from her path for anything. All set to play afoot at the Semi-Finals today against the talented Gayathri Gopichand, Uttejitha just smashed her toughest rivalry Rituparna Das in the Quarter Finals at the All-India Senior Badminton Tournament, Hyderabad. We had a quick chit chat with her on her vision, game and challenges ahead.


What is your strategy to get through the Asian Games selection?


I try to remain calm on-court and balance my emotions while playing on the field. Before every match, I just pray to god, have a strong belief in myself, let the shuttle in, play safe and always aim at performing my best. No negative vibes on-court. Be it Asian Games or any other, I will always try to learn more from the top professional players and get inspired by them. Asian Games is indeed a great opportunity to perform my best and build confidence.


You’re playing at your homeground, what advantages are associated to it?


Playing at homeground has both advantages and high expectations which is what I’m really scared yet excited for. I’m willing to represent India internationally via Asian Games and exhibit my talent globally.


Who is your toughest rival on-court?


Rituparna Das in my previous All-India Senior Ranking Badminton Tournament, Bangalore.


How does it feel to be counted in the seniors?


Definitely good. But, being in the senior gamut, there is cut-throat competition especially because the juniors have picked up the game quite well and they are performing at par to the seniors now.


What is the best thing about your coach and former badminton legend Gopichand?


He is a good coach as he imparts equal attention to everyone and treats us equally. He has an eagle’s eye and spots our mistake, teaches us patiently and nurtures us to perform well every time.

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