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“I am motivated to play with seniors at the upcoming Asian Games” – Asmita Chaliha

By: Ambika Asthana
Date: 29 Jun, 2018
Image Courtesy: Nazeer Adoni/GoBadminton

Intense, strong willed and determined, we spotted Asmita with her coach as she mindfully heeded to him and jumped sideward to warm up before her final match at the All India Senior Ranking Badminton Tournament. Slicking her pixie hair back, her chiselled face and passion burning in her eyes was enough to get us hooked. After an engrossing match that witnessed an array of wonderful smashes, drop shots and high intensity agility, Asmita deserved to win the title, to say the least.

Now that the ace shuttler will be representing India at the Asian Games in Indonesia, Jakarta with the entire Indian Badminton battalion, our editor spoke to the emerging star Asmita. Here’s an exclusive interview with the women’s singles winner Chaliha.

GB: You lost the game to Sai Uttejita at the All India Senior Ranking Badminton Tournament, Bangalore, how did you make a winning comeback in Hyderabad series?

AC: Well, I was playing smooth, without any pressure. I was going with the flow and enjoying my game throughout. Sai Uttejita is indeed a great player and she won the Bangalore tournament as well, but perhaps it was my day!

GB: What was your strategy on-court against Uttejita?

AC: I was playing downwards, and my strategy was primarily attacking the opponent. I believe my forehand, cross and smash is the forte, just working to enhance it even more for the upcoming tournaments.

GB: Do you think badminton is picking up in the North-Eastern states?

AC: Yes, of course. Badminton is becoming popular all over the country, I feel. With efficient coaching, academies and passionate players in sight. I am trained by the Indonesian coach Edwin Irawin and Assamese coach Suranjan Bhaboora.

GB: Who was your toughest rivalry in the All India senior Ranking Badminton Tournament?

AC: Akarshi Kashyap was my toughest opponent.

GB: What is your primary focus for the upcoming Asian Games Championship?

AC: To perform and give my best. I will improve my skills and learn from the experienced and talented badminton players. Titles do matter but learning is gold. I’m very motivated to look forward.

GB: Any shortcoming or challenge you are intimidated of?

AC: I’m presently having a shin bone injury which might take some time to get healed. Hoping to recover soon

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