Kirsty Gilmour launches badminton-focussed social enterprise in Scotland

By: Sandhya
Date: 23 Feb, 2021
Image Courtesy: GoBadminton

Kirsty Gilmour is expected to make her much-awaited return from injury at the Swiss Open in Basel, Switzerland, but the Scottish veteran is drawing up much longer term plans already. The Olympian recently launched the Badminton Academy Social Enterprise, (abbreviated to BASE) – a social enterprise venture, with the objective of being able to give something back to the sport that has given her so much.


Launched in partnership with one of her uncles and another partner, she wants BASE to be accessible and available for anyone with a love for the sport.


“It’s going to be a place completely inclusive for everyone from all walks of life, to all budget requirements and hopefully really accessible for anyone who wants to be part of badminton,” she was quoted as telling the local media personnel.


Also, she doesn’t quite see the need to wait until she’s completely finished playing before venturing out into such things. She’d rather leave with something positive already in the works, she admits.


“This can hopefully be a nice, positive impact I can have on the sport.”


Explaining the reasons behind her thought process, Kirsty explained that the covid pandemic played its part. As she found the time and the drive to bring people together and press on with her ambition to make BASE a reality.


The pandemic has proved more than ever physical activity is a great way to upkeep and improve mental health,” she said.


“If we can use all those positive messages that have been banded around and for it to feed into our positive message of getting people involved in badminton, then that’s great,” added Kirsty.


To be opened sometime in the middle of 2021, BASE will offer a safe and inclusive environment for badminton players of all abilities to learn, develop and socialise in a professionally run setting which is also open and friendly.

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