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Lunod-Permatasari bag Women’s doubles Champions title of 2018 FDG Cup

By: Nirupama
Date: 15 Jun, 2018
Image Courtesy: Janine Torre

An athletic association, University Athletic Association of the Philippines, commenced season 81 and the selected members of the Ateneo Men’s and Women’s Badminton teams will soon participate in the 2018 Frederick Cup Badminton Tournament later in June from 7th to 10th at the Upper Deck Sports Center in Pasig City.

Blue and Lady Eagles teams will play against one another in five various categories of the tournament, namely the men’s singles and doubles, women’s singles and doubles, and mixed doubles categories.

For Men’s singles, both Blue Eagles Fides Bagasbas and Sito Fernandez competed in the men’s singles section of the FDG Cup, and successfully joined 62 national and international ranked players from the country.

Just when Bagasbas faced Benny Carlos Divinigracia in the first round, he managed to outmaneuver his opponent in a few minutes to advance to the next round, 21-6, 21-15. The next day, Bagasbas surpassed Cedric Oruga in the next round in two sets, 21-12, 21-7, before losing to Lyrden Laborte in the Round of 16.

On the other hand, Fernandez had a rough patch and lost to Mike Minuluan in the Round of 64. The Season 80 Rookie strove hard to keep the scores neck-to-neck, but lost the tournament with set-scores of 17-21, and 12-21.

Later, Patrick Gecosala and Fernandez teamed up in men’s double division to play against Paul Pantig and former Blue Eagle Hanz Bernardo in the first round. But, the duo has to exite with the set-scores of 21-9 and 21-12.

The women’s singles category had Beatrice Felizardo, Alyssa Roxas, Samantha Ramos, and Chanelle Lunod. Both Felizardo and Roxas lost the game in the first round and Ramos strode until Round of 16. After that, she eventually fell to Mariya Sevilla, to a score of 15-21 in both sets.

However, Chanelle Lunod succeeded in sustaining effective performances in the initia rounds and strode into the quarterfinals. Her exceptional play gradually faded against Gelita Castro, as the Lady Eagle came up short, 16-21, 14-21.

Coming to Women’s doubles, once again Roxas, Felizardo, Ramos, and Lunod competed in the Women’s Doubles division of the tournament.

Roxas teamed up with Nattcha Chattputtarin from Thailand against the duo of Jiselle Capillo and Jeya Pinlac. The former did well in the first set, 21-16, and later lost the following sets, 18-21, 15-21. This in turn was a debacle and they made an exit from the tournament.

Also, both Felizardo and her partner, Apisara Lertwissetheerakul, were eliminated by walkover. Meanwhile, Lunod teamed up with Devi Tika Permatasari of Indonesia and they transcended the opponent, making them as the winners. In detail, Lunod and Permatasari defeated Airah Albo and Sarah Barredo, 21-18 and 21-15, to become the Women’s Doubles Champions of the 2018 FDG Cup.

Parallel to that, for mixed doubles, Patrick Gecosala has collaborated with Permatasari. The duo went hurdle-free until the quarter-finals but lost to Hanz Bernardo and Keshya Hanadia, 21-11, and 21-15 in the end.

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