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Annual Collage Badminton to be held at the Land of Long White Cloud

By: Srishty Sharon
Date: 29 Jun, 2018
Image Courtesy: College Sports Media

On 4th and 5th July, the annual College Badminton Tournament will take place at the National Auditorium. The preparations for the upcoming events are going on and every student, volunteer and coach was excited.

Over 170 students from eight schools will partake in more than 240 matches. Each day, the first round of matches will launch sharp at 9 am. The age criteria for Junior is 7 and 8 years, while for Senior, it is 9 and 10 years. In both the senior and junior divisions, students will scramble in singles. Doubles and mixed doubles.

The teams; Nukutere and Papaaroa are strong and have their players getting training for the AIIMS, which will take place in Tauranga, New Zealand in September. The dominant junior champion Apii Avarua will beat the battle with the skilled shuttlers of both the teams. It will definitely be a tough call for Apii.

For this yearly event, the badminton tutors of Cook Islands, Hebrew Tom and John Taulu have been supporting the schools for the event preparation. Both of them are tremendous mentors and holds BWF level one coach’s certificate. There is no second thought that the future of students is in safe hands.

Thomas Ngauru, president of Cook Islands Badminton stated that the growth in the figures of interested players is increasing, it is vital to have better and sufficient staff for their training and coaching. He was overwhelmed with the tremendous support, resources, staffing and training facilities, given by Badminton Oceania.

Ngauru said that the organization is grateful for the immense support from the sponsor, Edgewater Resort and Spa for granting trophies, medallions, occupancy of the National Auditorium and the Islander Hotel. He showed his gratitude towards CITC and Avarua Bakery for the great food. He was also thankful to the Empire Theatre and the Bank of the Cook Islands for being a great help for the entire event.

He said that CITC and Avarua have been supporting the annual event from past three years. And with immense support of the sponsors, players and volunteers, the event is among the best tournament organised in local schools.

On every Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3 pm, the after-school badminton was held at St Joseph’s Hall and Papaaroa. It is free for kids of the age group between 8 to 14. Whereas, on Every Mondays and Wednesdays, 6 pm, Adult social evening games were held at Princess Anne Hall for a minimal amount of $2. The equipment is also provided by the organizers.


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