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Indonesia Open'18: Sindhu entered in the Quarterfinals after two Progressive wins

By: Srishty Sharon
Date: 05 Jul, 2018
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What a tremendous start by Sindhu! She has won two matches progressively and looking forward to winning the quarterfinals as well. Sindhu registered her victory over Pornpawee Chochuwong in her previous game.


In the third match for the title of Women's Singles in the tournament, Sindhu foiled the Japanese shuttler Aya Ohori, who was seeking to celebrate her 23rd birthday with a victory. However, in a quick short run of the game, Sindhu won over Ohori 21-17, 21-14 in 36 minutes and made her spot for the quarterfinals in the Indonesian Open.


 In the first game, Ohori was leading the game by 3-0. Sindhu had to rise if she wanted to win and pulled around indomitably and snatched the lead from the Japanese shuttler by 5-4. In a raging and howling battle, both the players leveled their score 7-7. After the interval, the game became more exciting as Ohori trailed Sindhu by 11-10. With her tough play and aggression, Sindhu gains the lead to 19-14; however, Ohori fought back and earned 2 points ambling the gap and making the score 19-16. Sindhu didn’t allow it to hinder her victory and won the first game 21-17.


 The second games come as a surprise to the Japanese shuttler, as the Indian Olympic queen made a dynamite start by clinching the early lead 2-0 and within few minutes again she gained 4 points which made the run 6-2. Sindhu was on a roll today as she earned a massive lead of 5 points over Ohori, making the score 11-3. It was baffling for the Japanese to take over Indian, who was progressively leading and on the trail towards the victory. Sindhu maintained her lead 13-6, although Ohori convoked to repulse and gather some points but failed to snatch the lead from Sindhu at 17-11. 

Sindhu required just 4 more points to win over her opponent and hindered her rival to gain points anymore at 19-14. Sindhu has been leading since the start of the second game, and she was 2 points away from her entry to the quarterfinals. Sindhu smashed the shuttle, and the score touched 21-14.

Sindhu won the match by 21-17, 21-14 which was pleasant to see her win. After two successive games, Sindhu has reached to the quarterfinals in the Women's Singles category, Where she will take on with the Chinese shuttler He Bingjiao to get into the Semi-finals. We hope she wins the upcoming matches with the same potential and consistency.

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