A Farmer and a Singer to compete at the Asia Pacific Masters Games 2018

By: Srishty Sharon
Date: 13 Sep, 2018
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Ever heard about a farmer-cum-badminton player? It may take you by surprise but a Canadian farmer; Henry Paynter who works as a farmer in the day and practices for badminton in the night is not just a mere enthusiast but a hardcore passionate man for the sport.

Paynter is a resident of Westbank, British Columbia, Canada and the place located in the rural areas. Working and staying busy doing farming by day and smashing shuttlecocks by night is the routine life of this fit 66-year-old Canadian man.

Very soon, he will be seen playing at the Asia Pacific Masters Games 2018. The reason why Paynter’s interest in badminton grew is that of the fact that it is an indoor game and it can be played at night also. It gives him the flexibility of time plus it is a skilful way to stay fit.

“That is what we farmers need. And that was how I fell in love with the game,” Said Paynter, as cited in the Star Online.

In the upcoming Asia Pacific Masters Games 2018, he is one of the 539 badminton enthusiasts who will compete in the Singles, Doubles and Mixed teams. The championship has 10 different age groups from 35+ years to 80+ participants. However, the minimum age of the participant is 30.

At the championship, badminton is among the 22 different sports, and the inaugural of the multi-sport event took place in Asia.

The family history of Paynter tells a lot about their interest in badminton. His father, Henry O. Paynter made a very notable Guinness World Record at the age of 96 when he became the oldest badminton player in the world. He made this stunning record in the year 2012.

“My father was a farmer as well. He passed away the same year of the record because of a mild stroke. He was the oldest and toughest player I have played against, and there is still no one else who has beaten his record,” said Paynter proudly as cited in the Star Online.


Paynter is the only Canadian who conquered one of the most prestigious titles of all time; All-England Masters badminton. He remained the champions on the trot for six years from 2011 to 2016. He played his tournament in countries like Britain, United States and India.


He has achieved a lot in his life, and one of his most notable accomplishment was the moment when he won the BWF Masters Mixed Doubles that was held in Cochin, India, where he bagged the prestigious gold medal. Paynter still craves to play more and conquer many more tournaments in the upcoming years.

“Every year, I consider myself as a beginner,” he said.

On the other hand, a veteran singer of Malaysia, Datuk DJ Dave also competed at the Penang Badminton Association Hall in Bukit Bumbar. The brilliant artist and legendary singer is 70 years old and has a mighty will to win his debut match in the 70s category events. The iconic personality is determined to compete in three miscellaneous categories.

“Badminton is for all ages. Age is just a number. The oldest player I met was in China; he was 96. That was an inspiration for me to continue playing badminton,” said Dave, as quoted in the Star online.

“It could be taxing, but I wish to test my limits. The badminton field is strong with participants from 19 countries. I hope to win a medal or two,” he added.

Dave’s interest in the sport feathered when he was 52 and he signed-in to partake in the competitions especially hold for the veterans at the international level. His international debut at the World Morning Cup Badminton Championship 2013, held at Taiwan was fruitful and he won two silver medals each for Singles and Doubles category.

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