Intensity in Our Training Has Definitely Gone Up, A Quick Catch-up With Satwik & Chirag

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Date: 12 Feb, 2021
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There’s quite the buzz with the Indian doubles teams at the Pullela Gopichand Academy. Watching the session from the sidelines, the step up in intensity and focus is unmistakable as the new Indian doubles coach - Matthias Boe - is putting his new wards through the paces. Prancing the sidelines with purpose, frequently pulling them in for a huddle, and at times taking up the racquet and demonstrating exactly how he wants a shot to be played - he’s all involved and all action.

“The intensity is definitely a step-up!” admits as he is stepping up his game for the upcoming Olympic qualifiers in Europe. He’s brought in a new thought process and has opened up some new perspectives, and it has been an excellent start to the stint says the lanky doubles specialist.

Satwik’s partner Chirag is equally upbeat about how the appointment of Boe is likely to help him and his preparations going forward. 

“Although the sessions are shorter but the intensity is definitely much higher,” admits the Mumbaikar. 

Chirag who’s possibly the only player to have played against, with - at Pune in the PBL, and now under his tutelage says that someone like Boe is perfect for him & his partner Satwik. He brings in immense experience of playing at the very top for such a long period of time, and he’s very methodical in his approach, which is really helping us a lot says Chirag.

“Having played with him in Pune, and having done a few individual sessions with him in Mumbai, I know what Boe brings to the table. His knowledge and planning are just immaculate,” he informs.

“There’s definitely a plan, each session is very focussed on something specific. Players exactly know what is expected of them, and must be fully switched on while the sessions are on,” adds Satwik.

This is definitely going to be helpful when we play the long hard matches, says India’s brightest medal prospects in doubles at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. 

“Sometimes going deep into the third game, it is all about being able to keep the mental focus and staying strong in your head, and sessions such as these definitely take that up a few notches,” the two doubles partners add.

Matthias is just about settling down, as he’s going right into action in India. He’s got his hands full at the moment with the Olympic probables training under him, however, he’s been a great influence on some of the younger crop of players as well - who’ve been sparring partners in the sessions.

While it is early doors to arrive at any conclusion, but surely if the start has been very promising from the Dane. There is a long way to go, but listening to Satwik & Chirag there is surely reason to be positive and expect some excellent results in the days to come.

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