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Badminton Champ HS Prannoy is giving us Major Musically Goals

By: Ambika Asthana
Date: 06 Jun, 2018
Image Courtesy: Badminton Photo

Popularly known as the beast of badminton, thanks to his toned and sculpted body with heaps of muscle mass, that’s the world No. 8 HS Prannoy for you! Besides his sky rocketing badminton career, gifted talent and eagle’s eye, here’s another side of the smash master which we have recently explored. While you may call us the stalker experts, you must accept the fact that not everyone wears umpteen feathers on one’s hat unlike Prannoy. He’s been recently spotted on Instagram creating some fun and quirky Musically videos entertaining the masses and unleashing the actor in him. Well, we don’t deny the fact that he is supremely talented but again, not discounting the fact that the man is working hard enough to balance his tournaments while making such videos on-the-go.

Here are some of the clips he has recently posted that will either crack you up or stalk his page.

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