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Fathers Day Special: Baddies with their Daddies

By: Swetha
Date: 17 Jun, 2018
Image Courtesy: India TV News

One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters - George Herbert

Gone are the days, when a dad scurries to work in a three-piece suit and returned home to an eager dinner.


Daddy’s today have changed. Changed so much that they tuned to broke the sweat with their kids. And that’s not the end. They accompanied their kids for the practise sessions and motivated the innocent little soul to go higher and higher from first step of success to the imagination beyond one could see. Today, those innocent souls are adamant and the toughest champions we are seeing them on the podium.

Thank you all the daddies for presenting the world the inspiring and tough baddies.

We have got dads with mustaches, dads with cool hair and dads with the strong and well determined super stars.

Check out baddies with their inspiring daddies:

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A Complete Family!

Proud Daddy!  

Multi-Tasker Daddy.. Manager by Day, Daddy by Night

Phenomenal Daddy-Daughter Duo

Channeling the badass kinda Daddy!

Paparazzi, please?

Travel Goals with our very first Prince Charming - Dad

Like Dad, Like Daughter

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