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Top 5 Aggressive Moments on the badminton court

By: Srishty Sharon
Date: 14 Sep, 2018
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The badminton courts have witnessed the most striking and breathtaking moments of the sport. Several different incidents take place, some are bizarre, some are aggressive and some are too funny. Players are the epitome of true sportsmanship; they laugh they cry, but sometimes, they get too aggressive to handle and hide their anger from others. Sports unleash the inner beast of a sports person due to which the subjects on court feel dismayed and dejected if they miss an easy shot or make a silly mistake after hours of practicing.

Here are a few aggressive moments that occured on the badminton courts which are probably the angriest cracks in the history of badminton.

Bodin Issara and Maneepong Jongjit

The Doubles specialists, Bodin and Jongjit from Thailand used to be partners in almost every tournament but in the final of the Men’s Doubles at the Canada Open 2013, both the shuttlers landed on the court as rivals. Since the starting of the match, they were caught being verbally abusive, the referee exhorted them and asked both the players to cool down their temper. Bodin and his partner lost the finals. Jongjit exchanged a few words with Bodin and then he hit Bodin with his racquet and as a counterattack, Bodin was so furious that he violated the protocols of the BWF and ran after Jonjit in the entire arena. He caught Jongjit and stormed several punches and kicks. Jonjit ended up getting stitches in his ears.


Lin Dan and Jan O Jorgensen

The Chinese ace shuttler Lin Dan and Danish badminton star Jan O Jorgensen were at the Semifinals of the Maybank Malaysia Open 2015, where both the shuttlers were trying hard to gain points and win the competition. Jorgensen hit the shuttlecock and won few points over Lin Dan but the Chinese shuttler made a comeback the very moment and smashed the shuttle so hard that it landed on Jorgensen’s courtside. The Danish player was so pissed off after losing the Semi finals that he kicked his badminton racquet in the air harshly.

Jan O Jorgensen and Kento Momota

The Danish shuttler is undoubtedly a terrific player who has skills and talent to dominate his nemesis on the court. However, when he was competing against Japan’s Kento Momota, the situation was quite contradictory. While playing the decider match at the BCA Indonesia Open 2015, against Momota, Jorgensen lost his temper and threw his racquet away, after evading a point. Although the decision was pending, Jorgensen took time to regain his calm and on the other hand, the current World No 4 Momota remained cool. Momota conquered the title later.


Viktor Axelsen and Lin Dan

When two legends meet on the court, the clash is obvious. Both players were drawn against each other for a crucial match where the competition was extremely intense. The Danish shuttler and World No 1 Axelsen who won a bronze medal in 2016 Rio Olympics couldn't keep himself calm on the court. During the decider match at the Japan Open 2015, the scores of the Olympic Champion and World Championship title winner Lin and Axelson were equal and in the hustle to win 2 points, both the shuttlers made arduous efforts. However, in the last moment, Axelsen executed a shot that cost him the victory. He tossed the racquet in the air, kicking it with his legs, after losing the finals.


Chen Long and Viktor Axelson

It is for sure that a few badminton stars are super cool but sometimes they have fury on their nose, like Viktor Axelson. During his hustle against the World No 8 shuttler Chen Long of China in the finals of the Dubai Superseries 2015, Axelsen relinquished right after he made a mistake of hitting the shuttlecock on the net by himself. His mistake cost him points and in great anger, he used the swear words, which was absolutely against the modesty of the sport. However, he won the match against his nemeses.

The sport of badminton has everything. It has thrill, adventure, emotions, and every player has his own way to express what is inside their head. However, apart from their waves of anger, all of the shuttlers are absolutely stunning and amazing. There is a reason why they are in the top positions and there is nothing wrong in feeling bad for losing a game unless anyone is getting hurt or offended. 

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