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Sioux Falls Inspiring Para Badminton Athletes in USA

By: Srishty Sharon
Date: 03 Sep, 2018
Image Courtesy: BWF News

There is no substitute for hard work. The young and dynamic athletes have proved it that success can be achieved in any sport with the help of genuine efforts. The latest USA Para-Badminton updates 2018 are here.

Pallav Deka, USA Para-Badminton Coach said, “The struggle of playing badminton is one, but they go through their regular struggles every day of their lives. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with their attitude they bring when they come to play,” as quoted in the KLDT news.

Para-Badminton is for those badminton enthusiasts who suffer from any kind of physical disabilities such as having “short stature” or a better way to understand it in other words “Dwarfism”. The sport of badminton isn’t anything new to the US; however, the USA Para-Badminton Program has developed greatly since the last half-decade.

The Coach says, “The goal really is to build the program and in the long term, we have players from the US who would dominate in the world circuit.”

The Coach Deka has been assisting and providing training to the Para-Badminton team from past nine months. He lives in Sioux Falls and he, along with the team of athletes have competed in a number of camps that takes place every month across the country. These camps are very beneficial for the athletes to prepare themselves for the international level tournaments. Many of the athletes hail from different places, from Oklahoma to Pittsburgh. For the USA Para-Badminton athlete and a Yankton native, Miles Krajewski, the three-day camp in Sioux Falls was amazing and homely.

“People I play against are in mid-twenties, the early thirties,” says Krajewski.

The 13-year-old athlete had his name registered among the top players across the world and he currently holds the seventh rank in the world among the players of all the age groups. If he works harder, he can be one of the top six Para-badminton athletes of USA by 2020; he will get the golden opportunity to partake at the Paralympics Games that will be held in Tokyo.

He is willing to get a spot. As cited in KLDT news, Krajewski says, “It makes me want to train like harder and harder to reach to the top.”

In the camp, the 15-year-old girl from Pittsburgh, Katherine Valli is also participating. Coach Deka also stated that Katherine is the first-ever female player who became a certified USA Para-Badminton player.

Valli stated, “When I first played, nobody thought I would be up to where I am.”

Katherine currently holds the fifth spot in the world, although she has been playing badminton for only two years, she has reached great heights. According to the Coach Deka, all the athletes are amazing and they all are winners in their own unique way. They have the potential to prove to themselves that they are capable to do anything.

At the Sioux Falls, six athletes are getting trained under Coach Deka and preparing for their next mega Para-Badminton tournament. In November, the Peru International will unfold. In 2024, Women’s Para-Badminton will be introduced by the Paralympics Games that will take place in France. Katherine is hoping to be a part of the team USA.

The USA Para-Badminton players’ practice 2018 going on at Sioux Falls is a great initiative. Such programs organized by different clubs are very encouraging for the Para-Badminton players.

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