Gopichand seeks inclusion of womens doubles in PBL

By: Swetha
Date: 18 Jan, 2018
Image Courtesy: bennettuniversity/Facebook

Women’s doubles was never the part of the Premier Badminton League or Indian Badminton League. Gopichand, besides being happy with the access junior shuttlers got to observe their senior shuttlers from the close at the Premier Badminton League season 3, is little upset about women’s doubles shuttlers for not being included in the league.  

He said, “Personally I want women's doubles to be the part of it at least from next year. Several women like Danes Christinna Pedersen and Kamilla Rytter Juhl  have been asking us. I also think it is time to include it.

“Within a few years the league has become the best in the world. Wherever I go, several players and coaches are curiously enquiring about the league. Many are already part of it and more shuttlers will feature in it next year,” he added.

Gopichand while discussing about the PBL, he insinuated changes in it. He said, “The league is attracting a lot of budding youngsters. But we want to target other groups like moviegoers etc. Though the broadcaster will take the final call, we will discuss issues about length of the match, timing etc," he said.

New Service Rule, yet it favours short shuttlers, it makes difficult to the tall players. He said that Badminton World Federation should have tried it before introducing it in the All England in March. “There is a standard way of calling a serve. I would definitely have said no to that,” he added.

Gopichand is not happy with the BWF’s new schedule. He said, “You should not force tournaments on players. I’m against the BWF idea of making it mandatory.”

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