I will support whichever team Sachin sir is supporting: Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary

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Date: 20 Feb, 2017
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Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary holding Bangalore Blasters flag at PBL 2 contest. If you are the fan of Cricket, then probably you would be knowing about Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary. Because he is the ardent fan of the cricket legend, Sachin Tendulkar. Chaudhary, who is always seen with tri-color paint and Tendulkars name on his torso, was seen with Yellow color this time, at Premiere Badminton League season 2 tournament held in January 2017 as supporter of Sachin Tendulkars team, who bought stakes in the Bengaluru Blasters franchise.


For the first time ever in 16 years, he missed a day play in cricket during the first day of Indias test series against England since he was invited for PBL commercial.


"I'm supporting Sachin sir's team [Bengaluru Blasters] though he is not in the stadium. I have 'Tendulkar 10' written on my back, though this is not Team India. I'm very happy that Sachin sir is encouraging sports other than cricket.

Pic: Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary holding Bangalore Blasters flag at PBL 2 contest

"I have not asked him for anything till date, but whenever there's a match outside India, I request him for a pass. He's never said no. Somehow he arranges everything. He's my God," Sudhir says.

Sachin helped in arranging Visa for Sudhir to spectate the cricket matches that happens outside the India. Since then, he has been travelling outside India; he went Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Hamilton, Auckland etc., hes everywhere the Indian team plays.


Earlier, he had 'Sachin' painted on his torso during matches. But ever since Sachin retired, he has changed that to 'Miss U Sachin.'

For the duration of the 2011 World Cup, starting with India's opening match against Bangladesh in Mirpur, Sudhir started sporting a mini World Cup replica on his head. He claims he knew 2011 would be India's lucky year.His prediction was correct and after India won the World Cup at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, Sachin called him into the dressing room for the post-match celebrations. Sudhir was even allowed to hold the World Cup trophy aloft, chanting 'India, India'.


"When I first went to the stadium with 'Tendulkar 10' written on my back, he liked it. When Sachin sir asked me if I would like to watch more matches, I did not for once think about the graduation exam form that I had filled out. He asked me to appear for my exams first. I was adamant, though. I never expected that I'd watch all those matches."


Hes a frequent visitor at Sachin Tendulkars plush Bandra residence; often sharing a meal with him. He carries a power bank to ensure his smartphone is never drains with battery, you never know who might call. Its been years since he spoke to his father. He doesnt take the calls from his mother or sister, even on Raksha Bandhan.

He is 35, since he decided to live on public support, he is neither employed nor married. He decided to stay single because he doesnt want to spoil a girls life as his life is dedicated as following the Indian cricket team would always be his priority.


Supporting the Indian cricket team seems to be the only thing on his mind. "My thinking is that while I am on this planet, I will cheer Team India, but with Sachin Sirs name written on my body. As long as Im able to walk, I will carry his name," said Sudhir.


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