World No 1 Women's Single Taiwanese Tai Tzu Ying Completes her Masters Degree


Ambika Asthana Image Courtesy: Instagram 11 Jun, 2018

The World's No. 1 Taiwanese badminton champion Tai Tzu Ying took over Instagram to announce her completion of the Masters. The ace badminton champion in women's singles known for her sharp response and quick reflexes apart from being the aggressive player on-court won the title of World No. 1 when she was just 16-year-old. 

Not only she is a prolific and impeccably skilled player but she's also equally dedicated towards her education and puts emphasis on her academics as well. We love how she posted the picture in a black signature cloak dress on her Convocation Day. She received the special awards for her contribution in the field of sports from the Mayor on her graduating from the University of Taipei Institute of Sports Training. 

A huge congratulations to the immensely talented girl Tai. Many more to come.

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