Badminton League Terminates Awadhe Warrior’s Franchisee

Awadhe Warriors

Ambika Asthana Image Courtesy: Awadhe Warriors 24 May, 2018

Badminton’s League has recently sent a termination notice to the Lucknow team’s franchisee for the non-payment offense. The Lucknow Badminton team which is led by the talented Saina Nehwal, is owned and operated by Sahara India Pariwar.

Awadhe Warriors are serving the termination notice as they failed to deposit an estimated franchise fee of INR 3.5 crore, as reported by The English Tribune and The Tribune. The Badminton League’s franchisee team is presently in talks with the SportzLive & Entertainment and the Badminton Association of India.

Sahara India has requested BAI and SportzLive some time to clear the payment, however, according to the sources, the paper reported that Sahara India wants to pay in three installments.

Sadly, the termination notice is being served by the Badminton League’s partner SportzLive which, however, BAI is not aware of at the moment. I have just taken over as the new general secretary of the federation and I am not aware whether we have served any notice,” BAI general-secretary Ajai Kumar Singhania has told The Tribune.

Sahara Adventure Sports Limited, a group company of Sahara India Pariwar, bought the team Awadhe Warriors back in 2013. However, the Indian Badminton League then conceptualized and launched the team under the expert guidance of founder commercial partner- Sporty Solutionz Pvt. Ltd.

BAI is still awaiting on the final decision between the Sahara India and the Awadhe Warriors regarding their future relationship.

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