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15 Key Badminton Jargons we Bet You Didn't Know

By: Srishty Sharon
Date: 29 Jun, 2018
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Badminton is among the most popular sports played worldwide. This sport has a huge fan following. There are many star shuttlers who are loved by badminton fans all-over. Like all other sports, badminton has a huge bank of technical jargons. Common badminton words are known by most of the badminton fans and this long glossary of interesting jargons is fascinating. How many badminton terms do you know about? Is your badminton vocabulary updated? Here is a list of 15 badminton terms, which you can add in your list of vocabularies.


ACE: The term ace is basically an absolute point from a serve, which is not demented or affected by the receiver.

BACKCOURT: The backcourt is the third back of the court, which also has two boundary lines at the back.

BALK: The balk is a false movement, which is intended to confuse the opponent about the direction they are playing in, and also about the speed and selection of shot. 

CARRY: This term refers to an illegal act by a player, during the shot, the shuttle thrown, which was first held on the racket.

FORECOURT: This forecourt is the third front of the court. It lies between the short service line and the net.

FLICK: A flick is a very quick rotation technique of the wrist and the forearm. This technique is known to transform a soft shot into a much aggressive and fast one.

FOOTWORK: It is basically the concept of reaching to the shuttle at the earliest. A player should do it quick and minimum distance should be used. It evaluates how agile and quick a player is basis the footwork is strong.

FRONT AND BACK: This is a position mostly played by doubles game players. In this, one player is on the front of the other player while staying close to the middle line.

FAULT: A fault happens if there is any violation during the rally or in the serving or receiving rules.

LET: A let is a minor violation of the rules. If a let takes place, a rally has to be replaced.

NET DROP: This is a basic shot in badminton. In this, a player receives a drop shot and immediately returns it back.

NET FAULT: The net fault takes place when, during play, a player mistakenly or by any means, touch the net with his or her body, the racket or even any of the apparels.

NET RETURN: When a net shot slides over the net and unexpectedly drops to the ground of the other side of the court.

RALLY: A rally is a string of passes as well as shots which are exchanged between the players. This shot begins with a serve and ends if the player wins that point.

SMASH: Smash is known as the most aggressive and attacking shot in the game of badminton. It is known to bring down the shuttle from a high angle.

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