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Carolina Marin Endorses and Expands the Market for Spanish companies

By: Srishty Sharon
Date: 16 Jul, 2018
Image Courtesy: Instagram

In October 2014, the Indonesian Sports Minister Roy Suryo Notodiprojo made his first official visit to Spain. That year, Marin won her first World Cup, but she already established a recognized rapport in Indonesia. So, the minister requested to meet the Former World No. 1 shuttler Carolina Marin and after a blissful meet, he also got her autograph on a poster. She is so very popular in the Asian country that after the completion of the Indonesian Open, she had to take a taxi to reach her hotel, as people were waiting in long queues to take her autograph and pictures with her.

In the finals of the Rio 2016, she nudged her influence on the entire Asia. She fought for the Olympic title against PV Sindhu of India, in the Rio Olympics. Badminton is a minority sport in Spain, whereas, in Asia, it is celebrated as the most popular sport and 78% followers religiously love and play the sport. Even after the diverse interests and choices, the viewership grew to about 600 million worldwide via television and it is considered as the favourite sport of up to 149 million viewers. After football, basketball and motor, Badminton is the fourth most favoured sport of the world.

More than 2,466,000 viewers were from Spain only, after the most viewers up to 2,914,000, for the Basketball semi-final that was fought between Spain and the USA. India has more than 10,000,000 viewers.

Carolina tells about her first visit to India, the first time after the Olympic finals. She was overwhelmed by the love she received from her Indian fans.

"The first time I went to India after the Games I was impressed by the love with which I was received, I expected that having won a player there would have me a bit of mania and it was just the opposite. More than players from this country, it astonished me a lot, in India and Indonesia I always feel at home, "says Carolina.

Carolina is so popular in both the countries and the fan clubs also exist dedicated to the player. Her success as a great shuttler is remarkable and is also portrayed in social media networks evidently. She has 188,000 followers on Facebook out of which above 100,000 are just from India. After this count, the most followers are from Spain followed by fans from Indonesia, Malaysia or Bangladesh.

Marin is also planning to launch her social networks in Chinese before the start of the World Championship. It will take place at the beginning of August and will be held in Nanjing, China.

On the basis of all these figures, a gateway is opened for the Spanish companies to seize the Asian market with their enthusiasm, endeavor, delivery, success and strength to sacrifice.

La Liga is a famous brand in Spain. When Carolina was honoured as the ambassador of La Liga in 2017, Javier Tebas the president of Laliga stated that this is an excellent opportunity for Laliga brand to reach out to different territories, where people are unaware of the brand. Since then, the brand has gained popularity and also held events together with Carolina in China, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore.

Carolina competed in both the Malaysian Open and Indonesian Open and during the tournaments, she bejeweled in the Meliá Hotels and also stayed there.

Andrea Barb, the Head of Marketing & PR Manager at Meliá Hotels International in the Asia Pacific stated that Marin is a model of success and dignity. She has achieved immensely in her career and her endeavour for virtue is extremely impressive.

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