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A New-Born Indonesian is Named After the Asian Games

By: Srishty Sharon
Date: 21 Aug, 2018
Image Courtesy: File

A baby girl is named as “Asian Games” by her parents in Palembang, Indonesia as the 2018 Asian Games was inaugurated on the same day of her birth.

The little girl has no idea that she had arrived a few hours before the opening ceremony of one of the most famous team events of all the time, that too held in her own country.


The ceremony took place at the Gelora Bung Karno stadium, Jakarta on 18th August. Both the cities, Jakarta and Palembang were chosen to co-host the Asian Games. In the history of the tournament, this has happened for the first time, that two cities get a chance to host the Asiad.


The events will conclude on Sept 2nd. The father of the child told the local media that the due date of the childbirth was Sept 4th however, the little girl surprised her parents as she arrived early on such an auspicious occasion.


The full name of the baby girl is Abidah Asian Games. The father Yordania Denny, 38 told Detik, the Indonesian news portal that their decision on the name of their new-born child was totally impulsive.


"I hope this name will benefit my daughter in the future," he stated.

Denny also wants her daughter to be a part of the Asian Games in the future.

"Because she has Asian Games in her name, if she has talent as an athlete, I will let her become an athlete," he said as quoted by The Star Online.


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