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Japan Open 2018 News: Jalani unhappy with the Players’ performances

By: Srishty Sharon
Date: 13 Sep, 2018
Image Courtesy: Twitter

The pair of the Malaysian Doubles Goh V Shem and Tan Wee Kiong deflated to make a move at the Japan Open 2018. The Men’s Doubles pair could not wrap up the match and didn’t perform well at the crucial stages, that resulted in their loss at the tournament. On the basis of their present performances, they are not worthy of the elite Podium Programme.


The legendary shuttler and former Men’s Doubles specialist Datuk Seri Jalani Sidek has compelled the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) to undertake rigorous actions for the enforcement of a better working refinement among the players as well as the coaches.


The duo of V Shem and Wee Kiong slumped at the tournament. The pair along with their teammates; Ong Yew Sin and Teo Ee Yi failed to deliver good performances at the Japan Open 2018. They even crashed out just in the inaugural match of the tournament. After the horrific performance of both the Malaysian Doubles pair, Datuk Jalani shared his opinion.


The duo of V Shem and Wee Kiong was drawn against the Indian pair of Manu Attri and B Sumeeth Reddy, where they were baffled in the match by 15-21, 23-21,21-19. On the other hand, the pair of Yew Sin and Ee Yi surrendered to Indonesian duo of Fjar Alfian and Muhammad Rian Ardianto. The Asian Games silver medallists thwarted their litigants with a 21-17, 21-18.


The duo of Mohd Arif Latif and Nur Azriyn Ayub are professionals, however, they also remained ineffectual to stay in the tournament for an extended run after losing in the inaugural round by Indonesia’s Berry Angriawan and Hardianto Hardianto. In a tense three-game match, they lost with a 21-14, 17-21, 21-16.

Datuk Jalani is a bronze medallist at the 1992 Olympics. He surmounted at the Olympics with his elder brother Datuk Razif Sidek, and the duo is responsible for mounting many top national players. Jalani said that the activities by the players had tainted the image of BAM.


As quoted in the NST Sports, Jalanni said, “For me, losing in the first round of the Japan Open is unacceptable. Yes, they are Malaysia’s best pair (V Shem-Wee Kiong), but their attitude speaks otherwise. I have read reports of these players slamming their coach. Where is the respect? And what is BAM doing about it?


“There must be certain guidelines. I was a player before. I also had issues with my partner, and we were coached by so many different people, but did we go around being disrespectful? No. If players are unhappy with something, go to the right people. If top senior players have got no respect for their coaches, how do you expect your younger teammates to grow? They would follow after their seniors footsteps and there will be no end to this.


“I am commenting not because I like creating problems, but as national players, you have a responsibility. BAM are spending so much money on these players, providing them with the best facilities, yet some get so bigheaded. There must be a stop to this. And the National Podium Programme is there to help players reach their highest level.


“There must be strict criteria based on actual results. We saw how our team fared at the recent Asian Games, and now losing in the first round of the Japan Open. Do they deserve to be in the Podium Programme? I don’t think so.


As cited on NST Sports, Jalani continued, “If you want to stay in the programme, then prove yourselves. If you cannot work with your coaches, if you cannot adhere to strict guidelines and want to be your own boss, then leave. Go be a professional. You will still wear the Malaysian flag on your shirt.


“Don’t tarnish BAM’s name,” Jalani bewailed.


From a few weeks, the BAM is also under immense pressure as the Malaysian athletes failed to perform at the Indonesian Games. For the first time in the past 32 years, Malaysian Badminton team returned bare-handed after the tournament.


In addition, some of the players were accused of betting during the training. There are also many elite players that have urged that since January, they haven’t received the prize money from the prior tournaments.

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