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Only Tai Tzu Ying can alleviate any contest against Sindhu and Saina

By: Swetha
Date: 14 Dec, 2017
Image Courtesy: Tai Tzu Ying/Facebook

World no. 1 Tai Tzu Ying, who has been maintaining the spot since December 2016, is the only shuttler who gives the tough plays and make Sindhu and Saina move throughout court.

One of the top men’s shuttlers said, “She has a six-pack body and even most men can't match her fitness.”

The 23-year-old girl won five titles this year and will represent Ahmedabad Smash Masters at PBL season 3. Indian shuttler Sindhu, who recently lost to Tai at the Hong Kong Open finals last month has the win-loss record of 3-8 against her; After beating Tai Tzu at the Olympics in August 2016, Sindhu lost to her four times consecutively. While Saina Nehwal marks 5-8 win-loss score.

Notwithstanding the great record against the Indian girls, Tai finds herself very difficult playing against Sindhu. She said, “She is quite tall and strong. I always find it very tough to play against her, she is very fast on the court and packs her strokes with a lot of power."

“I make her move a lot on the court. I keep her busy by regularly hitting the shuttle to the corners," she added.

The Chinese showcases her prowess offensive and instant skills, who has the ability to return the shuttlecock from any part of the court.But the key to her success is the way she stays so relaxed even while executing or facing ferocious smashes.

Talking about the PBL, she said, “I am delighted to join PBL as it has a number of great professional players. It's a very interesting league which will help in the development of badminton. I want to play well and give the best for my team.”

Tai Tzu says that beside training, the preparation of plans and new ideas from the coach on how to tackle a particular player and the condition helps her a lot. She said, “There is nothing special that I did. But training a lot regularly helped. I also think I am quite lucky to win so many titles.”

Tai Tzu participated in the World University Games skipping the World Championships. “I have no regrets, Worlds you can win next year. But university games were the biggest sporting event that my country had ever hosted. For me it is more important to be part of that,” she said.

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