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Its colours flying all around-Para-Badminton International 2019

By: Badminton Desk
Date: 29 Apr, 2019
Image Courtesy: Gaurav Khanna

India dominates Uganda Para-Badminton International 2019 with a total of 27 medals which includes 11 Gold, 8 Silver and 8 Bronze. This is the highest ever medal tally by Indian contingent at any International Para-Badminton tournament.


Medal review:

WS SL3 : Parul Parmar-Gold.

Manasi Joshi-Silver.


MS SL3 finals : Pramod Bhagat-Gold.


Manoj Sarkar-Bronze.


MS SL4 : Tarun-Gold.




MS SU5 : Chirag-Gold.



MS SS6 finals : Krishna-Gold.



WS SU5 : Palak-Silver.



MS WH2 : Sanjeev-Gold.


MS WH1 : Prem Ale-Bronze.


WS WH2 : AmmuMohan-Bronze.


MD SL3-SL4 : Pramod Manoj-Gold.

Nitesh Tarun-Bronze.


MD SU5 SF : Rajkumar Rakesh-Gold.

Sumith Chirag-Silver.


XD SL3-SU5 : Rajkumar Parul-Gold.

Rakesh Manasi-Bronze.


MD SS6 : Raja Krishna-Gold.


WD SL3-SU5 finals : Parul Palak-Gold.

Manasi Zehra-Silver.


XD WH1-WH2 : Sanjeev and koosz-Bronze.

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