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Will BWF Propose New Changes in May?

By: Swetha Reddy
Date: 19 Apr, 2018
Image Courtesy: BWF Badminton

The world badminton body, Badminton World Federation as said, will propose changes to enhance the sport at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Member on 19th May.

The changes ensures competitive in the fast-paced, cutting-edge sports-entertainment industry.

At its last meeting in November, the BWF Council affirmed few initiatives which targets to bring significant value for badminton. The strategy BWF has is the 360-degree approach that covers the following elements:

  • Enriching fan experience – attracting new fans

  • Raising the profiles of stars and emerging talent

  • Increasing the commercial value of badminton

  • Strengthening badminton’s global recognition as a cutting-edge sport

  • Enhancing the quality of its broadcast product

  • Innovating competition rules

BWF President Poul-Erik Hoyer said, “Shorter matches will sharpen badminton as a commercial product and make it a more attractive television product. That translates into higher revenues and the resulting effect of that is higher player income.”

He added that for further innovations we need to be bolder notwithstanding with the past strategies.

Among the main enhancements that require the AGM’s endorsement are:

  • A new and enhanced scoring system of 5 to 11.

  • A reduction in on-court coaching.

  • A service-law change to introduce a fixed height for serves.

The essential part of this strategy is the specific focus on elite international tournaments by changing the scoring system.

Poul said that proposed changes in the sport eventually have the players’ interest at heart and will improve the player’s future on the whole.

With an infographic presentation, Poul listed the benefits of the proposed changes; short matches, less physical pressure, and longer playing careers.

“As outlined in our Strategic Plan 2016-2020, players are at the centre of our decisions and a significant part of our mandate is to provide the optimal environment in which they can flourish as professionals. At the same time, we must ensure badminton continues attracting and exciting fans in the competitive and cutting-edge sports-entertainment industry,” said Poul.

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