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What are the Best Badminton Racquet Brands?

By: Srishty Sharon
Date: 01 Aug, 2018
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The badminton racquet is the main armoury of a badminton player, and it has a significant importance. There are a number of brands available in the market for the badminton racquets. These brands provide the best quality badminton racquets and are also used by the topmost badminton players around the world. 

Every badminton player wants to have a racquet which is capable to provide the most exceptional quality and it should also be convenient to hold and use. A good quality racquet is extremely essential to enhance the game. The fun and enthusiasm of the game should not be hampered by the racquet. With a modest investment, a player can purchase some of the most reliable brands of badminton racquets. To prevent you from any kind of confusion and long research, we are going to tell you about the best brands, which serve the badminton world by providing high and eminent quality production of racquets.

1. Yonex

For the extremely robust quality and innovative features, Yonex is one of the most reputable brands for the badminton racquets. The company manufactures and provides the most high-quality racquets. The Yonex racquets are the best for enhancing acute smashes, stability and speed. Badminton is designed to flex on the impact point and to handle the shuttlecock properly. The best feature about these racquets are, they are best suited for both the amateurs as well as expert players.

2. Carlton

The Carlton racquets are in the market since 1946 and have been serving the purpose of eminent play. These racquets are extremely durable, robust and have superior quality. The company also introduced the world with the Carlton Badminton System in the year 2009, which has a scientific proof about the Carlton racquets that they work amazingly to improve the game of a player. What else do you want, if you are getting one of the best quality racquet, which also enhances your playing ability?

3. Li Ning

The Chinese brand is one of the most important and leading brands which provides the badminton racquets around the world. The new players are more attracted towards the Li Ning badminton racquets. However, this vast company is not limited to reach the badminton players and aficionados only in badminton racquets. The company is also among the manufacturers of other badminton accessories such as bag, shoes and clothes.

4. Wilson

The Wilson badminton racquets have gained a lot of popularity in North America because of the eminent quality and material. The trademark is W and it keeps the brand different from all the other badminton racquets. The company is not just about the racquets, but it has also taken a number of ambitious initiatives so that the performances of the athletes can be improved. Not just the expertise players but also the beginners use the Wilson brand badminton racquets. These are among the most recommended badminton racquets.

5. Fleet

Another prominent name which is associated with the badminton industry is the Fleet. It is a Malaysian enterprise which is glorious in the South East Asian region along with many other parts for providing the eminent quality badminton racquets. The company is very popular in the continuous manufacturing of the most reliable products which can be durable and comfortable, and the manufacturers are consistently putting efforts in making the game more fun and easy for the beginners also.

6. Forza

The Forza is another renowned name for the badminton brands. It was established in 1990, after which it has been continuously serving the badminton industry. It is also one of the leading badminton brands in Denmark. The badminton racquets of the Forza are of outstanding quality, and they provide ease and comfort to the players. These racquets are available in a number of series, which are comfortable for different players and suits them differently. The Forza racquets are also famous in providing dynamic power for smashing the shuttlecock and it also assists you in increasing the contact with the shuttlecock and gain speed in the game.

7. Victor

One of the most remarkable brands on the list is Victor, which is among the leading manufacturers of badminton racquets. Not just the racquets, but the brand is also famous as the largest and biggest shuttler factories in the entire world. The quality of the Victor racquets is staggering and perfect for delivering powerful smashes. Mostly the racquets of Victor are light-weighted and easy to use. These racquets are made up of carbon graphite and are surprisingly durable. These are among the perfect racquets for the amateur badminton players, but the expertise players also prefer the Victor racquets. The Victor racquets are used by some of the leading players such as Gao Ning and Yang Wei.

8. Ashaway

The Ashaway Badminton racquets are enormously popular in the United Kingdom. The company has an established name in the market, as it is involved in the production and manufacturing f best quality products. The racquets of Ashaway have sleek and eye-catching designs, with the most famous and trendy matte finish. These are among the best racquets when it comes to engaging in an unstoppable game.


These were some of the most important and eminent badminton brands, which are used by the leading players as well as amateurs. Tell us about your favourite brand and about the one you use.

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