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Best Badminton Racquets for the Smash

By: Srishty Sharon
Date: 07 Aug, 2018
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The sport of badminton is popular around the world and played by many badminton enthusiasts, amateur players and professionals of course. There are also a number of moves that are played in a game. Out of all the moves, the smash is one of the favourites, which is played by all the badminton players. It is a move where a player jumps in the air and smashes a shuttlecock, down the ground. The smash is the most famous and powerful move in the game of badminton. The best way to play a smash more powerfully and smoothly is to use the best badminton racquet for it. The precise technique and right armour will definitely help shuttlers to make the powerful smashes.


Often players think about buying badminton racquets which are powerful and give comfort and better hold. Today we are going to talk about some of the best badminton racquets, which are the best for smashes.


1.     Yonex Voltric Z Force 2


Yonex is among the most reliable names in the badminton sport. The balancing of a racquet is amazing; however, it is a little heavy and amateurs can find it tricky to use, this is an amazing equipment for the smashes. It is one of the most firm and stiff badminton racquets available in the market. With this, the rapid movement can be a little challenging task, but once a player understands how to handle this beautifully dangerous armour, it provides immense power for the game. Many badminton pros use this racquet for engaging in a game.


2.     Li Ning N7ii


The Li Ning N7ii badminton racquets are among the most powerful and supportive racquets which are the best for playing a smash. These racquets are extremely reliable and considered to be the most durable in the world of badminton, even better than Yonex. These racquets are also best for a planned and regulated movement. The Li Ning N7ii racquets are also a superb choice for the shots that can be played near the net. These are ideal for the double players too because they often clash their racquets during the game. In such situations, there is a need for a durable racquet which can also provide better manoeuvre.


3.     Yonex Nanoray 800


Another masterpiece from Yonex is the Nanoray 800 racquet. Out of all the Nanoray series by Yonex, this one is also prominent for providing better movement to play Smash. A hit harder can either go for this racquet or any of the two among the Nanoray 700 and Nanoray 900. A player gets better movement with this racquet, and it is also an ideal choice for many other techniques such as lifts, fast drives and flicks. It is recommended for intermediate players to advanced players. It can be a little tough for the amateurs to use it, so a little practice is always effective.


4.     Victor Jetspeed s10


These badminton racquets are from the Victor brand, which is most commonly used by many badminton shuttlers. This racquet is equipped with all the newest and modern racquet technologies such as Nano fortify and Pyrofil. This is a great choice for an aggressive player and suitable for those who like to play an attacking game. It is also ideal for fast and power shots. With better string tension and light-weight, this can be used by any shuttler. It provides better balance and fast movement for energetic smashes and other shots.


5.     Yonex Muscle Power 2


This badminton racquet is one of the most affordable racquets in the market. The Yonex Muscle Power 2 racquets are good at providing better durability and stability for playing a game. These are one of the most reliable badminton racquets. With a frame shaft made up of carbon graphite and aluminium frame, these racquets are among the most ideal armours for badminton. These racquets are easy to handle and provide a higher level of repulsion to a player.


Buying badminton racquets, which are ideal for smashes is easy, but it is essential to know a few things before buying racquets for the violent smashes. There are certain common features which tell more about the racquets, that can be the best for smashing. These characteristics are:


Head Heavy Balance: The weight of a racquet should be balanced and concentrated on its head. This will help in better smashes. This helps in smashing the birdie harder, through the net.

Stiffness: The stiffness or firmness of a badminton racquet should be medium to high. If the stiffness is more, it will provide higher vibrations and power. Highly stiff racquets works best for hitting a shuttlecock, with a little force, the smashes become powerful.

String Tension: The string in badminton racquets is very important for a better smash and other shots. It is necessary to look out for the designing of the strings. The tension and the width tell so much about the racquet and its ability to hold a shuttlecock, in contact with a racquet.

These are a few characteristics of a good racquet, that a player can use for smashes. But any of them according to your comfort and easy, and you will not be disappointed. Anyone of these racquets will assist you in better movement and to play powerful smashes.

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