Glorious moments for Indian Athletes on the 72nd Independence Day

By: Swetha Reddy
Date: 16 Aug, 2018
Image Courtesy: Instagram

They put country first before being themselves on the global platform. They adhere to their national duty regardless of their state. To be secular and bounded is what they follow.


The struggle and the effort they put is intended to secure the laurels in the history of sports for the country. From around the world, no matter what, the thirst and desire to win the medal is the only motto they have, once they fly to the destination.


Doesn’t matter, if they are brawny, slothy, short or tall, their focus to reach the podium is the true inspiration for the upcoming generations.


On the 72nd Independence Day, Indian badminton players, who grapple for the country with their rackets, wishes the fellow people by sharing their glorious moments.

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