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Is PV Sindhu Off Social Media?

By: GoBadminton Editor
Date: 05 May, 2019
Image Courtesy: Hyderabad Hunters
A proverbial calm before the impending storm?
A strategic retreat into a shell?
Or just a bit of time-off that almost all of us take from social media?

But then again with almost 1.3 million followers on Instagram, 2.3 million followers on Twitter, being the Olympic Silver Medalist and the reigning princess of Indian badminton – doesn’t quite make PV Sindhu, just another somebody.

Today is day 16 and counting – from the last anyone heard of her on her social media channels, and rumor mills are now abuzz that this is the beginning of Sindhu’s pre-Olympic, self-imposed exile from Social Media and public glare. Olympics 2020 in Osaka could be the year for Sindhu to go one better on her Silver medal from Rio 2016. And Sindhu seems to be ready to do whatever it takes to go full steam for that elusive gold. 

While there is no confirmation, or denial for that matter that Sindhu is indeed off Social Media, some of her training mates do acknowledge that she’s indeed not even on the popular messaging service WhatsApp.

The Olympic Qualification period kicked-off on the 29th April, 2019 and this begins the 14-month long journey to the finals of the badminton event at Osaka, in August 2020. So is she really taking the long, and hard road out to the Olympics? 

Well, if past is any indication, it could well be the case!

Sindhu’s coach, Pullela Gopichand has been quoted as saying, “I took her mobile phone away. She didn't have it for the past three months.” This was right after the Olympic Silver in 2016 and said in a tongue-in-cheek manner. But don’t count this duo from coming up with meticulous planning to make a push for that Olympic Gold. And trust them to leave no stone unturned in this quest.

Recently the Chief Indian Coach told a news agency, “The Tokyo Games will be a big event and every Olympics we have done better than the previous one. I hope this time we have a better medal than previous years and more medals than we have managed previously.”

And for that to come to PV Sindhu, will have a key role to play. She’s the spearhead of the Indian badminton contingent and looks to have got her blinkers on, with the Olympics just about coming up on the horizon.

Sure enough, we might just have a troll army unleashed on ourselves if Sindhu pops right up, treating her fans to one of her selfies – but knowing her, this looks more calculated than just a one-off break.

So. while we await to discover, if PV Sindhu is off Social Media?

The fans will surely understand if she brings home that Olympic Gold in about 14 months’ time!

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