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Top 10 Reflex Shots by Badminton Players

By: Srishty Sharon
Date: 07 Sep, 2018
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There are countless shots played in the sport of badminton. Out of all, one of the most spontaneous and impulsive shot is the reflex shots. Mostly it is played to save a point and to play this shot, a player should be agile and swifter. There are many unimaginable reflex shots played in badminton. Here is the list of the shuttlers, who have played the super reflexive shots in badminton.



    Lee Chong Wei


The Malaysian legend, Lee Chong Wei is definitely the star shuttler of all time. His reflex shots are amazing. Currently he is holding the spot of World No 3 in the BWF ranking. His playing style is explicitly well. His reflexes are pretty fast and unpredictable. His accuracy is always on fleek. His jump smashes and quick footwork on court is completely outstanding. At the age of 35, the three-time Olympic silver medallist gives a tough competition to the young players.


2.     Lin Dan


The top Chinese Men’s representative in badminton, Lin Dan has also played amazingly stunning reflexive shots. The World No 6, Lin Dan has a very aggressive playing style and he is extremely quick in smashing the reflexes. At 34, he is vigorous and dynamic. The two-time Olympic champion and World Cup gold medallist plays powerful shots on the court. His jump smashes has helped him win points in many crucial matches.


3.     Kento Momota


The talented Japanese shuttler Kento Momota has gained a lot of popularity for his stunningly well performances at the major badminton championships. The 24-year-old shuttler is currently at the 4th spot in the BWF World Ranking. He is quick but he plays with a lot of patience. His reflexes are clear and accurate. No replay is required to see his reflexive shots when he plays on the court. With an unpredictable playing style, he has the talent to perplex his nemeses. Before conquering the 2018 World Championships at Nanjing, he became a bronze medallist at the World Championships. 


4.     Srikanth Kidambi


One of the most prominent badminton player is the Indian shuttler Srikanth Kidambi. The World No 8 has given a new face to the Indian badminton. When he lands on the court, he is completely an aggressive player and plays in the attacking style. He is fast and focused. His footwork is great and he use it for covering his side on the court. He is great at the spinning reflexive shots. With quick handwork, he has the ability to confuse his opponent. Kidambi is the 2018 Commonwealth Games gold winner in the Mixed teams and he won a silver in the same competition in the Men’s Doubles category.


5.     Zheng Siwei


The Chinese Doubles shuttler Zheng Siwei along with his Mixed Doubles partner Huang Yaqiong holds the highest position at the BWF World Ranking and with his current Men’s Doubles partner He Jiting, the pair is at the 241st spot. The player is quicker than a bullet. The reflexive shots are quicker and swifter in the doubles games, as four players play at a time. The swirling reflexive shots of Siwei is outstanding. At the BWF World Championships in Nanjing, Siwei along with his partner Huang Yaqiong conquered gold medal, after winning silver at the 2017 BWF World Championships in Scotland in the Mixed Doubles event. Siwei also won gold in the same category at the Asian Games in Jakarta. The 21-year-old shuttler is extremely good and has been performing well.

6.     Zhang Nan


The tremendous Indian shuttler Ajay Jayaram knows how to make his opponents cry with his explicitly tactical abilities in badminton. He is currently at the 90th spot in the BWF World Ranking. The 30-year-old shuttler plays the reflexes very smoothly that it is hard to notice. Often his opponents are confused when he play reflexive shots. He plays it in a very subtle way but at the same time, his precision is outstanding. Ajay recently won a silver at the Vietnam Open 2018. 


    Hsu Jen Hao


The Taiwanese shuttler Hsu Jen Hao has gained abundant fan love for his explicit performances. His shots exude the wow-effects but the reflexes he plays are absolutely awesome. Jen Huo is the World No 41 in the BWF World Ranking. He often confuses his nemeses with his quick reactions and shots. The reflexive shots he lay are subtle but hard and quick. He has the quality to make his opponent helplessly watch losing the points. The reflexive shots by Jen Hao are out of reach of the opponents. Recently, the shuttler won bronze medal at the 2018 Asian Games at Jakarta and conquered bronze at the 2014 Incheon.


8.     Anders Antonsen


The World No 16 danish shuttler Ander Antonsen is a hardworking player who stays extremely positive in all situations. Antonsen is among the most popular names in the circuit of the Denmark badminton player. He has great tactical and technical capabilities when it comes to battle on the court. The advantage of his tall height lets him play the reflexive shots in an amazing way. He splits far to play the reflexes and saves point loss. He has a great control over his body which is extremely helpful in playing reflexes. The Danish player is a 2017 silver medallist at the European championships.

9.     Iskandar Zulkarnain


The tremendous Malaysian shuttler Iskandar Zuklarnain is currently holding the 61st position at the BWF World Ranking. The 2016 Thomas Cup winner is quick and smooth when playing the reflexes. The footwork of the Malaysian shuttler helps him to move quickly without making it a trouble for his foot. His incredibly quick reflexive shots do not give opportunities to his nemeses, to understand the shots. Zulkarnain has won a bronze at the 2014 Incheon along with the bronze laurel at the Thomas Cup 2016.


10.   Kirsty Gilmour


The only female badminton player in the list is Kirsty Gilmour of Scotland. The World No 32 in the Women’s Singles player. The eminent shuttler is great in playing the spinning reflexive shots. She is quick on the court and her amazing footwork allows her to hop on the court to save and make points. Her incredible playing style is popular across the globe. She can fall on the court and hit the shuttle with the same speed and effect and still keep the capability to pick up her self like anything. Gilmour is a 2018 Commonwealth Games bronze medallist and she has conquered  the 2014 Glasgow CWG  to win a silver. For two straight years, she has won silver at the European Championships in the year 2016 and 2017.


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