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What is Split Step and How to Do it?

By: Srishty Sharon
Date: 27 Jun, 2018
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What is split step and why does it matter in badminton?

There are several terms and techniques in badminton, which are not just fascinating, but they are also very beneficial to win the game. You must have heard of the split step, some might not have heard it yet. But just relax peeps, it’s no rocket science! What else you know about it? What is split step in badminton? Do you know how the split step help in badminton, to play a good game? What are the uses of split step in badminton? Here is a brief introduction to clear all the clutter in your head about the split step.


What is it actually?

A player widens his or her base by moving feet apart from each other and lowering the body posture at the same time. This should be a quick movement. A split step is also known as prep jump. The step or technique is basically a small jump, taken by a player. Timing has an important role in this step. Just before the opponent hits the shuttle, the player takes a little jump and with the landing of the shuttle, the player also lands on the ground. Both ways, split step is significant.


Is it important?

Why split step came into the spotlight? It is because this step is very beneficial. In many situations, a player has to cover some distance to hit a shuttle. Usually, this distance is not much, but the time is limited, to cover that distance. A player will also want to move to other directions. In short, the game has the requirement of short, quick and fast change of direction and movements. In the badminton court, the pace is not that important, rather quick action and movement is significant for the counter-strike, according to the direction of the shuttle.

The split step is an amazing way to rescue yourself in the game of badminton. It is essential when you are not in a situation to make a quick move in any different direction. 


How to do it?

If you want to utilize a technique, it is significantly important to master it in the first place. You do not want to jump unnecessarily on the court. Since the step required low alterations in posture at the same time, it is important to do a lot of practice before trying it in a live game.

  • Begin with the ready position and push your body upwards slightly.
  • As soon as you lose contact from the ground, widen your legs and move your feet apart.
  • Bend your knees to land in a slightly lower posture

Tada! That’s how you do it. But make sure to do plenty of practice and master the technique. Practice makes a man perfect! Take a split step towards perfection. 

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